Page Bus Crash

Started by Lachie, July 24, 2013, 05:45:14 PM

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Today I Was In A Bus Crash, The One On Petterd Street.......
We Were Driving Along Petterd Street Just About To Turn Next To Page Shops And Then A Red Sedan With Elderly Driving Didn't Give Way And Started To Drive Onto The Road So The Front Of Bus 934 Was Smashed.(100.2 Mk2)

We Then Got A Replaced A Man Diesel (Forgot What Number)

Ambulance, Fire And Police All Came And A Elderly Went To Hospital


Barry Drive

So was the car that didn't give way exiting Page shops?

Bus 400

That would explain the below piece on the ESA website:
5:20pm Wednesday 24 Jul 2013
Update – Correction – Collision involving car and bus in Page
Correction – The driver of the car was transported to Calvary Hospital not The Canberra Hospital as earlier reported.

A second patient from the bus was also assessed and transported to Calvary Hospital with minor injuries.

4:27pm Wednesday 24 Jul 2013
Collision involving car and bus in Page
ACT Ambulance and ACT Fire & Rescue have attended the scene of a collision involving a car and a bus in Petterd Street, Page.

The driver of the car received minor injuries and was transported to the Canberra Hospital.

Passengers of the bus were assessed on scene. None required transportation to hospital.

Time of Triple Zero (000) call 3:20pm.


Quote from: ACTbusspotter on July 24, 2013, 08:44:46 PM
So was the car that didn't give way exiting Page shops?

It Was Going Into Page Shops And Didnt Give Way To The Bus :3


"A Elderly" what? Man? Woman? Cat? Dog? Guinea Pig?


I'm gonna go with cat :p