Favourite Bus - 1970s

Started by Barry Drive, November 04, 2013, 11:14:18 AM

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Favourite Bus - 1970s

AEC Swift
1 (12.5%)
Volvo B58
2 (25%)
Leyland National
4 (50%)
6 (75%)
2 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 8

Voting closed: December 04, 2013, 11:16:35 AM

Barry Drive

After looking back at some of the buses from the past for the Featured Bus articles, it made me wonder what is the favourite bus from the various eras.

First up is the 1970s, a time of massive fleet increase and a diverse collection of vehicles.

This poll will run for one month. Feel free to add your comments as to what you voted for and why (or why not).


I voted for the Leyland National as I have a soft spot for British designed buses :)

Buzz Killington

Not old enough to remember anything except a vague recollection of the MANs, so that's my choice.

The Love Guru

Leyland National with MAN and voith would get my vote

Barry Drive

Would have been interesting if they'd built the Volvo B58 with a more modern body, such as PMC (like they had in Adelaide). It had much potential (the ZF autos were great), but was unfortunately let down by a sub-standard body.

The Leyland Nationals had the opposite problem - modern body (albeit with plenty of rattles) but let down by poor drive-train. The 70s Dart, basically.