When the train is running late

Started by smitho, November 10, 2014, 06:34:07 PM

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Does anyone know if there is a requirement for the last northbound 200 of an evening to delay departure from the station if the evening train from Sydney is running late?

I seem to recall that ACTION and Commonwealth Railways had such an arrangement in the past, but am not sure if it survived the transition to the NSW Railways taking over Canberra Station.

I guess if the bus does leave on time when the train is late, ACTION's trusty field supervisors would offer a van service from the station and issue taxi vouchers in the event that not all passengers could be accommodated in the van (s).

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I can be pretty certain that the shift wouldn't be required to wait, and that supervisors wouldn't attend. ACTION has met its obligation and operated its service as required. Countrylink/NSW Trains/Shittyrail/Whateveritisthisweek are the ones that would need to provide additional transport options to get patrons on their late running service home.
ACTION has no obligation to wait for the train if it is running late.