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Started by Toyota Camry, May 19, 2020, 08:59:36 PM

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Toyota Camry

Both Murrays and Greyhound have sensibly suspended their services from Sydney to Canberra since March due to the high COVID-19 risk to the ACT community that operating such a service poses; it is unknown when these coach services will resume, potentially after a vaccine has been developed.

Disgustingly but not surprisingly the NSW Liberal Government has continued to operate the Canberra Xplorer train service during the pandemic; it is disturbing that our territory government has not put their foot down and refused to allow these carriages to operate on the track between Queanbeyan and Canberra, it is additionally disappointing that we have not closed our border with NSW as Queensland have.

Bus 400

What about the coaches to Cootamundra (connecting with Melbourne to Sydney XPT), Bombala, Eden & Goulburn? They're all essential services, not everyone has access to a car & rely on Canberra Hospital for medical appointments.

However NSW Trainlink services have the best ability to enforce social distancing. Capacity is limited in the booking system.

Border wise, more people live outside ACT & work inside ACT. Plus there's those passing through & Federal Parliament House.

But it's a bit late to complain now, unless NSW should shut the borders to ACT & stop half of Canberra going to the snow & coast from 1st June.

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Quote from: Bus 400 on May 20, 2020, 06:16:01 PM... half of Canberra going to the snow & coast

What's left of it...