Bus driver simulator games - recommendations?

Started by Happy, September 15, 2020, 03:00:55 PM

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Do you have a recommendation for a bus driving simulation game ?
Either for Windows or Android.
I'd have wanted to add : Preferably free - but I have looked at a few websites and they were pretty useless. So may be a game with a free demo at least? Oh and hopefully they drive on the right side of the road  ::)

Sylvan Loves Buses

Bus Driver Gold is $12.99, or you can download the free version which I think lasts like an hour or something. 30 missions or something.

Bus Simulator 18 (available on either Steam or Xbox/PS4 - I've 100% completed it on PS4). It's not cheap, but the most up-to-date bus driving game, and well worth it imo. $50-odd on Steam and PS4, $40 on Xbox. Bit laggy in Multiplayer (esp on console with garbage NBN ping levels). Lot's of additional DLC content, bunch of Artics to drive. Mercs, MAN's and Iveco buses. Design your own routes etc.

Otherwise, if you want free, there's a bunch of garbage made by morons on the Microsoft Store.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Sorry, can't edit my previous comment...

Astragon Entertainment who made Bus Simulator 16 and 18, will have a Bus Simulator 21 coming soon too. They say it will be available on the same mentioned above platforms, hopefully that's true, cause I can't wait!

You might be able to go on eBay or something, there's been quite a few Bus sims over the past 20 years, my brother got me Bus Simulator 2008 and Bus Driver (before Gold update) that way. They're very hard to find otherwise, but I did find one at Revolution CD once a while back, quite a fluke.


OMSI is probably the best one, it's quite expensive though

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