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Started by Stan butler, August 04, 2021, 08:14:23 PM

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Stan butler

Hi all,

No doubt many of us have been on many routes while travelling on an action bus. So what is your favourite run?  It could be a run that is smooth (ie no endless stop starting), or it could be the most scenic or it could even be a run that takes you to your favourite destination.   So, with the many runs that action/transport Canberra currently do (or have previously done) - what is or has been your favourite?

To me,my favourite was the old scenic route that went to the arboretum.  It was a nice scenic run. 

What is yours?

Stan butler

Answering my own post - I also liked the old run that took us to the adfa side of the airport (and also the current 54).   Both these runs allow me to check on the planes out at the airport (another hobby of mine)...


It's hard to nominate a favorite from the current routes. 903 is good as it offers views of development happening. Ditto 66. 56 in autumn when the leaves are changing colour. A route I like to use as a change between City and Belconnen for little lost time is the LRV to Dickson and then 31 on. Runner up to this is via Gungahlin but a bit longer in time.
Hands down winner in previous routes is the one mentioned that went to the Arboretum and for a while via Black Mountain too.
Probably easier to nominate least favourite. R6 is one I avoid when I can. 56 is very tedious if going to Fyshwick  (often better to integrate it with R2).