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Started by Stan butler, November 20, 2021, 01:23:54 PM

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Stan butler

I saw a bus parked in a driveway on companion cres yesterday.  Not an ex TC bus but a rather different type of older bus.

Does anyone know about this particular bus?

King of Buses

Saw that there the other day, but can't say I recognised it. More than likely someone's motorhome conversion project.


I've passed it every day for the last four weeks 😂

I'm actually wondering whether it might be an imported American coach but hard to tell

Stan butler

You could always knock on the door and ask them.  I am curious enough to do so.

It does seem to be a rather different styled bus then we'd normally see around.  Mind you though, I'd hate to think how much it would cost to privately import a bus from the US (the import costs would probably exceed the value of the bus).


Quote from: Stan butler on November 20, 2021, 09:51:18 PMYou could always knock on the door and ask them.  I am curious enough to do so.
So, after I did that (or actually, they are so welcome that they come out before I asking), I know this bus is imported from America, Newell. However, the current owner purchased it in Australia which means it's a (at least) third-hand bus.


Friday 29th July early afternoon an R3 rarity seen Spence bound in Alpen St - BUS958. The first Renault PR2 I have seen for sure operating an R3. (Had previously seen a long time ago the disappearing rear of a PR2 which appeared to be operating an R3.)