Looks like the forum is back

Started by Stan butler, July 30, 2022, 07:45:39 PM

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Clearly, quite some effort is involved in providing the ACTBUS website and associated forum and data. Much appreciation and thanks are due to the Administrators for their endeavours.

Buzz Killington

Apologies, took a little longer than expected. All good now though :)

Sylvan Loves Buses

Was out for some time, although it was unlikely I was afraid of missing out on a tour/CTM notification or something. It's good to be back.

Stan butler

This msg is being written on 9.43am Saturday morning.  Let's see what time the forums say it is being posted....

Stan butler

Just as I thought.  The timings are wrong.

This can be fixed either via the config file for this forum board, or on the cPanel config section.  My initial thought is in the forum config and to specify the time zone being Sydney time zone - instead of system time (which is where the server would be based).  Besides setting the time zone, there may also be another setting to use the Sydney time zone instead of the server time zone.

Buzz Killington

It seems to have happened during the upgrade.

The forum timezone is set to AEST. If you adjust your personal settings (I can't seem to force them across everyone's profile), it should resolve the issue. Click on your name in the top left, then 'look and layout'