2024 - public transport deliverables

Started by Barry Drive, January 04, 2024, 11:09:24 AM

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Barry Drive

As I did for 2023, I've published a list of expected public transport deliverables for 2024 on the ACT Bus Facebook page. All information is based on public announcements from Hansard and Budget papers (etc.)

Quote• 4 Custom Denning Elements to enter service
• 17 more (leased) Scania K320UBs to be delivered
• Withdrawal of remaining 15 Renault PR100.2s
• ✅️ Scania R580 tow truck to enter service
• MyWay+ demonstrator buses
• Completion of upgraded power supply to Tuggeranong Depot
• Commencement of delivery of next batch of Yutong E12 🔋🚍
• ✅️ Expansion of Mitchell Tram Depot
• Delivery of 🔋 equipped CAF Urbos trams, retrofit of existing trams to commence
• MyWay+ ticket/real time system implementation
• Construction of Woden Depot completed
• Commencement of construction of Light Rail Stage 2A
I couldn't find any information about how many CAF Urbos or Yutongs will arrive this year.

We'll see how well they do in a year.


Excellent move to provide this list. Thankyou Barry Drive.
If time, resources, and enthusiasm permits, republishing this list each month and appending progress would be rather interesting.


Do we know if the Mitchell depot expansion will provide capacity for LR stage 2B not just 2A?

Barry Drive

There's no information either way, but it's part of Stage 2A announcements, so more likely only expanding the depot to accommodate 5 more trams.

Refer to this media release

QuoteThe light rail depot at Mitchell will also be expanded for the ongoing maintenance of the larger fleet of LRVs.

The depot work is expected to be completed in mid 2024 – ahead of the new vehicles progressively arriving soon after.

UPDATE: list modified to add new Scania tow truck expected this year.