Gungahlin services (4E & 59) - roads closed

Started by Barry Drive, April 06, 2008, 01:32:36 PM

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Barry Drive

Went for a drive yesterday along some of the new services in Gungahlin and I encountered closed (unfinished) roads for both 4E and 59.

For 59 it's not too serious - the roundabout at the intersection of Amy Ackman St and Jessie Street is built but is behind a fence. (The map suggests the route turns around further south near the corner of Allnutt Cres, but there is no opportunity to do so before Jessie Street.)

For 4E it's much worse - the Network '08 map shows the route going along up Hoskins St then (r) Oodgeroo Av (r)Nullarbor Av. Problem is parts of these roads are still being built. There is an alternative route through Franklin which would probably be better anyway: (from City) Hoskins St (r) Cash St (l) Christina Stead St (r) Nullarbor Av.

Bus 400

The roads might be open by June 2. These road closures could of been why the Network was delayed.

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Buzz Killington

oh come on, they're not going to delay a network by a month and a half just because two roads in brand new suburbs are closed

Bus 400

I actually wonder wether Route 4 East will go that way when Network '08 comes into effect. As is it the usual rule of ACTION to wait until quite a few people live in the suburb before sending a bus through (remember about Kambah in the early 70's). It may be different from when I was last there, but when I was there, no one lived there.

In relation the Route 59, temporally the 59 will probably do a u-turn at the roundabout near the sales/information centre, with a bus stop put there anyway for when the shops open.

Buzz Killington

4E WILL go through Franklin - its on the map.

Both the 4E and the 59 will travel as per the map - where roads aren't open they'll deviate slightly.

Barry Drive

It does appear as though the 4E and 958 will travel through Franklin via Cash St and Christina Stead St at least until Oodgeroo Av is accessible. (ACT Bus website with the route descriptions will need to be updated.)