Mini-Scoop: New Advertising Position

Started by Buzz Killington, May 27, 2008, 04:25:52 PM

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Buzz Killington

(Kind of)

We used to see the ads that covered the entire rear of the bus, namely the Fyshwick Markets, Video 2000 and Burns Club ads that used to be on the back of the PR100.2's

Seen around town today, both 103 and 104 have full-back advertising for "The Incredible Hulk" - i thought i saw a new AOA when i saw one of them from the rear this morning, but upon geting closer, they are only on the rear. Look quite nice actually (sure Sir Pompously won't approve though!)

Sir Pompously

Lol, saw one last night and scooped to both Master Mathew and Master Leigh. Doesn't look too bad, more like an AOA gone wrong, but still does not look half bad on the rear. Quite right, yes, rather.

Bus 400

Perth has lots of these. We have one funny thing where the Fremantle CAT that is sponsored by the Fremantle City Council has a total rear ad for Perth City.

Sir Pompously

But Freo is in Perth........... so not overly hilarious I will tell you that.

Irisbus Rider

Looks ok. But it looks better on STA buses for some reason.....


Wow, definately something different for canberra, finally getting more interesting ad positions.

Guess they look better in person though. I hope they put these ads on more buses as they are pretty good and usually advertise movies more than anything so they change after about a month or two so they dont get annoying.

Buzz Killington

if you check the advertising website, i think they sell that position on a 4 week contract

Buzz Killington

i was clarifying your point............