I Think Bustext is F**ked

Started by Sir Pompously, September 01, 2008, 08:54:17 PM

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Sir Pompously

Somehow I think bustext is Royally F**ked! I Just typed 'F 63 Monash T Tugint' (Or Route 63 from Monash to Tuggeranong) to get some times, with a reply of

'From Stop 1452 Clive Steele Ave to Tuggeranong Interchange via Woden Interchange 21:32(964) 22:32 (964) 23:32 (964)

The other day I tried to get a time from Monash and it gave me the route 300 from Clive Steele Ave. Somehow I don't think it is quite working.


Never even tryed bustext so I wouldn't know

Buzz Killington


im on the vodafone caps so i cant text those 19 numbers.

Buzz Killington

also, we couldnt care less if you got rid of the *** in the thread title. you are allowed to swear..


im in the same boat here..damn me and my vodaphone cap!

Irisbus Rider

Same here, can't use it.

Although, I did once, it didn't even work. It's hopeless.

Bus 400

Hopefully ACTION follow Transperth & have a mobile website called 136213.mobi You can view a version on your computer via http://www.transperth.wa.gov.au/TimetablesMaps/136213MOBI/tabid/343/Default.aspx