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Started by Buzz Killington, October 30, 2008, 07:19:24 PM

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Buzz Killington

A few articles about the Coaches that were set on fire this morning...

QuoteThe owner of a bus destroyed by fire overnight says he is overwhelmed by the generosity of the Canberra community.

It is believed arsonists set fire to the coach in Akuna Street in the city about 3:00am AEDT.

The vehicle was gutted and the fire badly damaged a second coach.

A group of South Australian school children had been left stranded because of the fire.

Coach owner Colin Dougherty has received offers of help from local bus companies and gifts from the general public.

"They've organised another two coach companies to get our children back to Adelaide tonight," he said.

"Our transport arrangements have all been worked out already and we can't believe the generosity of the people that have rung up."

School teachers on the trip say it is continuing despite the fire.

The group of students are visiting some of Canberra's attractions today.

Teacher David Shigrov says the trip is proceeding smoothly despite the setback.

"At this stage we are able to keep to our schedule with a bit of juggling of buses and companies and other commitments that they have," he said

"So fingers crossed we will be going home tonight still."

"Mindless vandalism"

ACT police have described the torching of a tourist bus in Civic early today as "a mindless act of vandalism".

Detective Superintendent Michael Chew has condemned the act.

"It appears to have been a random act of stupidity on someone's behalf," he said.

"To create this sort of situation, for not only Canberra but the people who visit Canberra, I mean you really have to wonder what people are thinking."

Detective Superintendent Chew says arson carries a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison

QuoteA GROUP of South Australian students will return safely to Adelaide tomorrow morning after their tour buses were torched overnight in Canberra

The group of about 90 Year 7 students from Trinity College South had travelled to the capital earlier in the week for an annual excursion.

About 3.30am, Canberra police found one of their tour coaches destroyed by fire and another partially damaged.

The case is being treated as arson.

Trinity College headmaster Luke Thomson said some of the children's personal items had been burned on the buses but Canberra locals had rallied to present the students with other gifts.

They will finish their tour of the city today before returning on replacement buses tonight.

Parents have been notified and will be able to pick their children up from the school tomorrow morning.

"We're just happy that our kids are fine," Mr Thomson said.

"They were really concerned for the bus company.

"They were certainly a bit bemused at having to face that sort of senseless vandalism."

Irisbus Rider

thats really what it is, senseless vandalism. In the words of Apu to Principal skinner; 'what were you thinking?!'
in all seriousness, i hope the guilty get served steaming bowls of justice.

Rad D

that is stupid what those idiots did
i hope they have to pay for new ones


Quote from: Rad D on October 31, 2008, 10:54:18 PM
that is stupid what those idiots did
i hope they have to pay for new ones

With no footage and presumably no one else around at 3am on a Tue/Wed they'd have to be pretty unlucky/stupid to get caught.