Yarralumla Brickworks Railways

Started by smitho, June 15, 2013, 06:52:35 PM

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Have been concerned for some months that all the contruction activity associated with the Cotter Rd duplication placed at risk some of the earthworks which are the main renmants of the Brickworks railways.

These narrow gauge lines served the early construction sites of Canberra such as the Powerhouse, Parliament House, the Kurrajong and Canberra hotels and Civic. The main route out of the Brickworks ran near the old Uriarra Road (on the south western side of the Brickworks, near Cotter Rd) and alongside present day Adelaide Ave.

Prior to the Cotter Rd duplication work commencing, a modest embankment on the line was easily visible from Cotter Rd, near the Curtin Horse Paddocks. I can no longer make out this embankment; it may still be there, but just no longer so easily distinguishable because of all the changes in the area.

Today, I checked out the precinct on foot and was relieved to find that many other renmants of the lines still survive; the cuttings and right of way nearest the Brickworks southern boundary are the easiest things to find, but I also came across an old concrete culvert ....but couldn't be sure if it was from an old railway formation or from the old Uriarra Road. There are also renmants of old fences adjoining bits of the railway right of way.

Someone has been along the right of way in recent times and left pink ribbon markers at several points to help distinguish the railway renmants. More information on the heritage status of the railway renmants can be found at http://www.legislation.act.gov.au/ni/2013-38/current/pdf/2013-38.pdf

The December 2001 bushfires which went through the area are still evident in the blackened trunks of some of the older pines. There are big, big roos in the area, perhaps living off the green lushness of the adjoining golf course!