Magnetic Tickets, Keep it local stickers - Anyone have photos?

Started by Sir Pompously, February 24, 2012, 02:57:42 PM

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Sir Pompously

Hi All,

Does anyone have a photo of the "Keep it Local" Parliament House outline sticker that was on the back of many Canberra buses? Also, looking for photos of the "Tickets Please" advert and any other internal Magnetic Ticket adverts that anyone may have photos of. If you could help me out, that would be much appreciated!



Buzz Killington

Found a few shots of the 'Keep it Local' sticker but nothing near a resolution that you can really make any of it out.

Did have a nice shot of the back of Bus 100 with one - unfortunately it had entirely faded away and is just a plain white sticker.

For anyone who can help on that one, they seemed to be quite prolific on the .3's

Sir Pompously

I think I may be able to work out what the sticker says on it from the Keep it Local AOA. It has a blue ACTION wheel logo at the top, the stripe logo with New Parliament House, and then at the bottom it has "Proudly supporting the Canberra region".