My idea for Route 88/988

Started by Sir Pompously, June 15, 2009, 01:31:39 PM

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Sir Pompously

Since the introduction of Route 88 to AMC, I have believed that the route should be extended to Hume (Seeing as though it is just so close, yet so far away). I have, by way of Google Maps, indicated three options for this route. I could see this as a half hourly service in the peak, with an hourly service in the off peak. Weekends would either be hourly, or 2 hourly as demand would not be as great.

Option 1 - Orange - Woden - DFO - AMC - Hume - Chisholm Shops - Tuggeranong (Bi Directional Service)
Option 2 - Green Dot's - Woden - DFO - AMC - Hume Terminus (Tralee St according to Google Maps, Bi Directional service)
Option 3 - Blue Dots - Woden - DFO - AMC - Hume - Waste Management Centre - Woden (Bi directional loop, or non whichever works best, via Long Gully Road and Yamba Drive)

Irisbus Rider

From a gunzels point of view, definately the blue dots; but from an opertational point of view, the Orange.
That there is a great example of how ACTION should be utilising current routes to make them service areas without a service.

Submit it to ACTION!!!!!

Bus 400

I would of thought that the green service (terminating at Hume) would be better from an operational point. As there is a lot of dead running if the service went to Tuggeranong.

However I don't know if anyone else knows this, but the 88/988 service is usually put on shifts as a drivers first/last run, so the bus starts at Tuggers, goes up & does the 88 to Woden & then normal shift. The driver then does the reverse at the end of the shift.

Irisbus Rider

Quote from: TP 3000 on June 15, 2009, 11:33:53 PM
I would of thought that the green service (terminating at Hume) would be better from an operational point. As there is a lot of dead running if the service went to Tuggeranong.
Is a bus better if it's running empty or in service? Simple question with a clear answer.
Why run a bus empty from Tggeranong to Hume when it could be operating a service? IMO, that's one of the biggest flaws with Hastus, the amount of dead running. It's such a waste.....

Bus 400

I do suppose that if the service terminated a Hume, the driver would end up doing the return service to Woden.

But slighlty off topic, I have been told that with some shift improvements, alot of dead running has been removed.

Sir Pompously

How is it dead running if it is running a service? The point of Interchange to Interchange running is so that it can pick up and drop off passengers throughout the route, while a Interchange to Terminus normally picks up at an interchange or major shopping outlet and drops off, often ending up at the terminus completly empty. With the Orange route, it can pick up and set down along the route, and also provides those at Chisholm a more direct route to Tuggeranong. Another option is adding in Erindale to provide another service through there. The Blue dot Loop service would add in an extra stop for workers at the Waste Management Centre, and Revolve.

The whole point is to remove the uselessness of a route in it's current form, and revamp it to something a little more useful to the end user. Of course, a route to Hume is not the most viable route on the whole network, however it provides a service to a part of Canberra not yet serviced by ACTION and gives another choice to workers and commuters to get there.

Buzz Killington

Definitely orange - I'm sure there's people in Tuggeranong who would like to get to Hume/DFO/AMC without going via Woden and/or the City.

Certainly something ACTION should consider, even on a trial basis.