Discovered-ACTION In 1983

Started by Bus 400, August 21, 2009, 07:03:58 PM

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Bus 400

This comes from a book titled "Buses & Trams Of Australia's Government & Municipal Operators." This book has info on every operator in Australia.[font='ms shell dlg'][/font][font='ms shell dlg'][/font]

Buzz Killington

wow, that's a great find! You've stated it includes info on every operator in Australia - I think you'll find it would be the Government operated services only.

The Love Guru

I have this book, not a bad publication, though it only has half of the Mercs delivered at the time of printing.

Buzz Killington

I have a similar book, which details ACTIONs Fleet around the same time as this one. It's under the History section as '1983 Fleet'