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Started by Barry Drive, June 03, 2014, 04:22:15 PM

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Barry Drive

It's budget day again. A scan of news reports and budget papers do not reveal much in the way of substantial new projects for ACTION. For what I've found so far, take a look at my twitter feed ( )

Main highlight is funding for weekend services to new suburbs (Wright, Casey, West Macgregor and Harrison).

Barry Drive

From the Capital Upgrades program (2014-15 year only)

* Public Transport Infrastructure – new bus stops on Horse Park Drive, relocation of bus layover
facilities from Lanyon Market Place to Box Hill Avenue, upgrades to Southern Cross Drive bus
stops and associated road works and upgrades to the southbound bus stop on Flemington
Road near Wells Station Road (sic) 1,500

* Belconnen depot site and building upgrades to administration building   1,250
* Bus driver seat refurbishment  210
* Bus major component overhauls including bus passenger seat refurbishment  725
* Closed Circuit Television and Public Address system upgrades  250
* Equipment replacement at Belconnen and Tuggeranong workshops  700

From Capital Works programs

* Woden Bus Interchange redevelopment - stage 1 (completion Mar-16)
* Woden Bus Interchange - early works (WIP completion Dec-14)
* Woden Bus Interchange redevelopment - finalise design (WIP completion Dec-14)
* Park and Ride facilities (WIP completion Aug-14)
* Upgrading Erindale bus station (completion Jun-15)
* Replace underground storage tanks (completion Jun-16)
* Third major bus depot: feasibility (WIP completion Jun-15)
* Bus stop upgrades to Disability Standards, stage 2 (WIP completion Jun-15)

WIP = Work in progress

Have not found any mention of the City layover relocations nor further Park and Ride carparks (despite the intention of relocating the Woden carpark as part of the Bus Station redevelopment).

Can't find it again (Bus400 may remember where it was), but there was removal of a forecast $10m in 2017-18 from the bus replacement program. Not entirely sure what it means, but suggests a pause in replacement buses once the 77 on order have been delivered.


Notes to ACTION's balance sheet includes the following re Woden Depot upgrade:-

"capital works in progress: the decrease of $5.876 million in the 2013-14 estimated
outcome from the original budget is due to the completion of capital projects and the
cessation of the Woden Depot Upgrade capital project".