BUS 736 - PMC 160 demo

Started by Simes, April 15, 2015, 09:53:07 PM

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Hi all,

What can people tell me about this bus?
What kind of seats did it have when it was new in Canberra? (the early PMC 160's here had bucket type seats)
How long was it in service?


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Sorry for the delay in responding. Apparently, 736 didn't use the moulded seats that were used in Sydney but a VOV-style bench.

QuoteHowever, the ACTION bus has different seats and destination signs to those in Sydney
QuoteBus 736 is fitted with the standard Sydney STA/PMC seat, itself a local derivative of the VOV seat.

From http://actbus.net/a-customers-perspective-of-evaluation-buses/

No extra info on how long it was in service - just during 1991 is all that's been recorded.