Bunker Shelters outside Canberra

Started by Bus 400, December 26, 2008, 09:49:12 PM

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Bus 400

Spotted an ACTION bunker bus shelter on Captains Flat Rd today. It could be from a Deanes service or for when Greater Queanbeyan becomes part of the ACT.

Sir Pompously

Bunker shelters can be found all over the place. Was it actually an ACTION one? (ie. Orange window surrounds, maybe with the 1977 ACTION Logo?)

If not, then it is just a generic one. Some railway stations (Bredbo I believe had one) in NSW were also fitted with Bunkers.

Buzz Killington

wait... Greater Queanbeyan becoming part of the ACT? Huh??

Sir Pompously

lol, yeah but they are Actually ACTION Shelters as they are in the ACT Bubzie Wubzie.

Buzz Killington

wait.... Sir Pompously becoming part of Bubzie Wubzie? Huh??


bubzie wubzie whatzie??

and pfft, its qbd.


Irisbus Rider

It's actually QBN, as heard on Queanbeyans hit music station, 96.7 QBN FM, playing the the latest tuba hits!

I'm glad we're getting rid of the bunker shelters, but as someone pointed out, we're replacing old bus shelters with new bus shelters that provide no shelter.

Sir Pompously

It is indeed QBN, dunno where the hell QBD Came from apart from the bookstore and map company.

The old shelters are Iconic Canberra, and it will be a shame to see them dissappear (Although I do like the new shleters, as they look modern, there must be a happy median). And yes, the new shelters do not provide the same amount of protection as the old bunkers, which unless it is pissing down rain with high winds the rain does not penetrate to the seating area of the shelter.

Tallong is also a NSW Station with a Bunker Shelter


Bus 400

Quote from: Sir Pompously on December 26, 2008, 09:58:57 PM
Bunker shelters can be found all over the place. Was it actually an ACTION one? (ie. Orange window surrounds, maybe with the 1977 ACTION Logo?)

Not quite sure on that as I was doing 90ishkm/h

Sir Pompously

Lol, well I am sure you would have seen the orange whether doing 90km/h or not! I would say it is just a generic one, as they are found all over the place (Just not as many as what are found in Canberra).

Buzz Killington

is it on streetview, TP3000?

Sir Pompously

After much searching it can be found at 936 Captains Flat Road Carwoola NSW. It is surrounded by bushes, but looks like the generic ones installed at random places.

Barry Drive

The concrete bunker bus shelters were not bought only by ACT although they may have been the biggest buyer.

See below for another use for a concrete bunker (from Surfers Paradise).

Another use for a bus shelter by ACT Bus spotter, on Flickr

Irisbus Rider

Ha ha, thats quite odd, wow! I, personally, would avoid those public toilets!

The Love Guru

I'm sure if one sniffed around our bunker shelters you would find they have been used in the same way!

Buzz Killington

Irisbus Rider

LOL! Yeah, so true, especially up there on Northbourne........eeeeeew.

Now the AdShels up there are see-through, oh my! :P

Buzz Killington

i noticed the other day that the constantly vandalised ad-shel at Conder (which was without glass for months after it was repeatedly smashed) now has a mesh-like screen across the back.


I was just about to comment on the Surfers Paradise ones - saw them yesterday. Strange use, but perhaps a subtle implication that they look like shit? ;)

Irisbus Rider

seat cover

The Shelter for ACTION where made in Queanbeyan by a cement works "sunrise?", they where also availabe to purchase by other parties with out the orange patch. The shelters at Harman where installed for ACTIOn when they had school runs to Oaks Estate and Harman, these where stopped in the eighties. The shelters on Captain flat road where put there by Yarralumla Council for the school services operated by Murray's. Deane's have since taken these services over and Yarralumla Council no longer exists.   


theres 6 bunker shelters in a yard near the fyshwick markets (next to the bus stop by the KFC)


Hey guys, sorry to dead post, but I did find some bus stops in between Wyong and Newcastle along Princess Highway. All three of these bus stops have a fibreglass seat with what looks to be where a timetable used to be, and they all have a metal plate directly above the bus shelter gantry way

https://maps.app.goo.gl/JUiRgGkJv5V9GKyx8?g_st=ic (Pacific Highway before Louisiana Road)

https://maps.app.goo.gl/XhKVweR6ZryuycML8?g_st=ic (Pacific Highway at Norah Ave)

https://maps.app.goo.gl/X93wPdKRsA8ttkkR8?g_st=ic (Pacific Highway opposite Roper Road)


There are two more a bit further north, as well:

Pacific Hwy after Kanangra Dr, Crangan Bay

Pacific Hwy opp Ruttleys Rd, Doyalson North*

*As modelled here by a bus that just loves to visit bunker shelters:

Sylvan Loves Buses

Wow, still finding them around huh. Does anyone know the reason for the window panels being that colour?