The ACT Government is continuing to deliver on its commitment to revitalise the Woden Bus Interchange with a development application to be submitted shortly for the project.

This next stage of the renewal project will see $3.25 million in funding, announced in the 2014-15 Budget, invested into making the interchange more accessible and safer for commuters – which will further revitalise the town centre. This brings the ACT Government’s investment for the upgrade of the Woden Bus Interchange to $5.75 million. The capital works will create an active link between the interchange and the businesses in Woden town square.

This project highlights the ACT Government’s commitment to maintaining Woden town centre as a vibrant transport, shopping and community hub. The project will provide new pedestrian and bicycle connections to link Woden’s public spaces to commercial and community activity.

The upgrade includes the demolition of the western end of the interchange and construction of new steps and a public lift, with better natural light and improved facilities. The new lift will provide comfortable, safe, easy-to- use access, particularly for people with a disability, older people or those with prams and shopping trolleys.

The new architecturally-designed stairs will also include a bicycle rail for easy and convenient access for cyclists to transport their bikes up and down the stairs, and the old toilets at the base of the existing stairs will be removed with modern, automatic self-cleaning Exeloo toilets constructed nearby on Bowes Street.

The upgrade complements the work already done in the area around the interchange, including the demolition of the old police station.

The project has involved extensive consultations with a wide range of stakeholders and user groups, with the Woden Valley Community Council briefed on the plans earlier this month. Adjacent building owners involved in the design have also given their support to the development.

It is expected that the public notification of Development Application (DA) for the renewal project will occur later this month.  Members of the public will have the opportunity to comment by visiting the ACT Planning website at 

Media Release: Andrew Barr MLA, 21 May 2015

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