Tourist Drive 3 – ANZAC Memorial Loop

We start Tourist Drive 3 from the City Centre. From the intersection of London Circuit and Northbourne Avenue, turn left into London Circuit, and then left again onto Constitution Avenue. Just before the intersection with Anzac Parade, you’ll find the Church of St John the Baptist and the Schoolhouse Museum.

Continuing along Constitution Avenue, head across Anzac Parade and take a right into Wendouree Drive. This road, running alongside the picturesque Lake Burley Griffin is the home to Blundell’s Farmhouse and the Carillion.

From here, take a left onto Kings Avenue and head straight through Canberra’s favourite accident-prone roundabout at Parkes Way. Straight ahead in Sir Thomas Blamey Square, you’ll find the Australian-American Memorial, also affectionately known as the Eagle Statue, or Bugs Bunny.

Take a left out of Sir Thomas Blamey Square back onto Russell Drive and then take a left onto Morshead Drive. Take your next left onto Staff Cadet Avenue, which is the entrance road to the Australian Defence Force Academy.

While there are several routes you can take through here to see what the college has to offer, we’ll stick to just one for the purposes of this gude. Take a left onto Bruche Road, a right onto Morrisson Cct, a left onto Parnell Road, continue onto Robert Campbell Road, left onto General Bridges Drive. You can follow this road up to the Mount Pleasant Lookout.

Return along General Bridges Drive, and along the way stop at General Bridges’ Grave and the Military Memorials. Take a left back onto Robert Campbell Road, and a left onto Fairbairn Avenue. Head straight through the roundabout and take Mt Ainslie Drive up to, funnily enough, Mt Ainslie, a popular Canberra lookout.

Returning down Mt Ainslie, take a right onto Fairbairn Avenue and right at the next roundabout into Treloar Crescent, where you will find the Australian War Memorial.

Exiting the memorial back onto Treloar Crescent, take a left if you end up on Limestone Avenue, or a right if you end up on Fairbairn Avenue, and then turn into Anzac Parade at the large roundabout. Memorials line both sides of the road, so its best to park on Anzac Park which runs parallel to Anzac Parade on both sides, and then walk down each side of the road.

Turn right into Constitution Avenue and head back into the City!

This page was last updated on 7 April 2012

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