Woden Interchange closed on 29 January 2023 for redevelopment as part of the Woden CiT project, with the tram-ready Woden Transport Interchange planned for completion by 2025.

The Interchange was one of the first purpose-built suburban bus interchanges in Australia when it opened on 4 December 1972. A major expansion occurred in the early 1980s to cater for increased services to Tuggeranong and to improve passenger and driver facilities. This extension opened on 6 December 1982 and increased the number of bus platforms from 15 single-bus bays to 17 mostly double-bus bays.

Further modifications have occurred throughout the years, mostly signage, lighting, CCTV and PA system upgrades. In 2016 the western end was remodelled with the old public toilet and snack bar block demolished and replaced with stairs and a lift to the Woden Town Square.

Images of Woden Interchange from the last 50 years:

Aerial view circa 1972
©Archives ACT
AEC Reliance ZIB-058 at Platform “B” (Nov 1974)
📷 Geoffrey Foster
Control Room and Enquiries Office near platform “C”
Waiting area near public toilet block (Aug 1974)
©️Images ACT 📷Stephen Berry
Volvo B58 ZIB-375 at Platform “M”
Leyland National loading passengers for Route 10 to Mawson & Farrer at Platform “D”
MAN SG192 ZIB-510 at Platform “M” (Route 16 to City & Higgins)
Looking towards the Woden Churches Centre from Platform “H”, with Police Station on the left
New section of Woden Interchange (Jan 1983)
©️Images ACT 📷Bill Pedersen
Leyland National at Platform 6 looking towards stairs to overhead walkway
Inside the new Control Room
The mural wall near Platform 14
ZIB 510 at Platform 9 about to depart on a Route 333
Mercedes-Benz O.305G ZIB-616 on Platform 8 near the driver’s meal room.
MAN 18.320 Bus 394 at Platform 6
Work underway demolishing the overhead walkway near Platform 3
Platform 6 with a new paint scheme and NXTBUS PID
Looking towards Platform 1 in late 2022.

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