ZIB 156 was an AEC Swift 3MP2R which operated for the Canberra Bus Service between 1970 and 1979.

It was the class leader of 30 Swifts (Buses 156 – 185) bodied by Comeng Vehicle Industries (a subsidiary of Commonwealth Engineering). They were the last buses to be built by CVI before it was taken over by Smithfield Bus and Coach Works (which was itself taken over by Custom Coaches in 1981).

ZIB 156 was the first AEC Swift fitted with a Wilson self-changing-gears four-speed semi-automatic transmission. The earlier 14 Swifts in the fleet featured manual transmission.

When it left service in 1979, 156 was retained by ACTION as part of its Historic Fleet, but it was later sold to the Parker Family of Oakville NSW.

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