BUS 251

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Bus 251
Chassis Volvo B58-56
Depot Belconnen
Entered Service November 1974
Removed from Service November 1990
Desto Equipment Nil
VIN B58-56 4759
Body Smithfield
Body Number SBC419
Body Date 29 Oct 1974
Seating RC45FA
Fuel Diesel
Gallery Album Bus 251

Bus 251 was a Volvo B58-56


  • 251 was built as a coach
  • It was equipped with rear underfloor mounted Kiki airconditioning unit, which is powered by Isuzu diesel.
  • It was temporarily withdrawn in February 1982 pending the outcome of a TWU trial. It returned to service in March 1982.
  • After leaving ACTION it operated for Snowy Mountains Scheme tours, Cooma NSW (Registration TV 1372)
  • It was later converted to a mobile home