BUS 995

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Bus 995
Chassis Renault PR100.3
Depot Belconnen
Entered Service 1994
Removed from Service ~ 16 July 2014
Desto Equipment STC Cannon
VIN VF6PS08A200000536
Body Austral Denning "Starliner"
Body Number M200130
Body Date 9 November 1993
Seating B49D
Fuel Diesel
Gallery Album Bus 995

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Bus 995 was a Renault PR100.3


  • It was delivered to ACTION on 8 December 1993.
  • Bus 995 was fitted with a Sportworks DL2 bike rack in the week of 16 September 2011.

All Over Advertising

ACT Human Rights Officenew to 1999

  • Sky blue (but with the grey skirt) and a red strip in between. HRO logo, with cartoon people along it. Above the windows on the right (among others) it says "Racial Vilification, Race, Empowerment, and Association".

Novell Canberra Cosmos1999 to 8 July 2002

  • Red, with Novell and Cosmos logos on all sides, with a large soccer game scene on both sides.

Yellow Pages8 July 2002 to June 2003

  • Yellow with "yellowpages.com.au" in large writing on both sides, with the yellow pages logo. A large computer keyboard button covered the last two windows behind the back doors.

Yellow PagesJune 2003 to June 2004

  • Basically the same as above, with a slight change of wording and some images.

TattslottoJune 2004 to 2006

  • Sky blue with the slogan "Tattslotto Dream Machine", the Tattslotto logo and lots of huge Lotto balls.

Wells Station2006 to 27 February 2007

  • Cream, with "WellsStation.com.au" on both sides. One the right the large Wells Station Tree-On-A-Hill logo is up the back, on the left a scene of a family of an open field. The red from the Novell design is clearly visible in several places. Above the windows on the left "Select Your Land, Choose Your Builder" also on the left "Country Living in the City".