Bus configuration codes

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The bus configuration codes explain the seating capacity and layout of the bus.

The number shown is the number of seats excluding the drivers seat.


B - Bus (standard seating)
A - Articulated bus
C - Coach seating (i.e. high-back reclining seats)
DP - Dual-purpose or semi-coach seating (i.e. high-back NON-reclining seats)
F - Full fronted vehicle (only applies to vehicles that usually have a half-cab body)
H - Highbridge double-deck
R - Raised deck
S - 3+2 seating layout in some or all of the vehicle (used in some School Buses)


B - Driver Bunk
C - Centre door
D - Front and centre doors
F - Front door only
FR - Front and Rear door
L - Wheelchair Lift
T - Three doors - front, centre & rear
W - Wheelchair Accessible (low floor entry with designated wheelchair bay)


WC.jpg - wheelchair capable

CC.jpg - Climate Control

Bike.jpg - fitted with bike rack