Infrastructure Photos Wanted!

Started by Buzz Killington, October 03, 2009, 07:57:28 PM

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Buzz Killington

We've just given the ACT Bus History Infrastructure page an update and we need some photos to fill in the blanks

Acton - Lennox Xing
Causeway - Sandlewood St
Farrer - Lambrigg St
Fisher - Kalgoorlie St
Giralang - Chuculba Cr / William Slim Dr
Gold Creek - Gold Creek Rd
Gungahlin - Hibberson St
Gungahlin - Kate Crace St
Lyneham - Mackennal St / Archibald St
Mitchell - Lysacht St / Flemington Rd
Mitchell - Cemetery
Oaks Estate -
Pearce - Murphy Cr / Hodgson St
Richardson - Clift Cr / Johnson Dr
Spence - Glassey Pl
Watson - Knox St / Molesworth St
Watson - Antill St


Bus Lanes
Belconnen Way
Flemington Rd

If you have any of the above, please post here or email to


Bus 400

Was there a terminus in Charnwood once? As just of Lhotsky Street there is a largish turn around bay, but there isn't a school or shops that it could of been used for otherwise. It can be found on Google Maps by searching "lhotsky st & bettington cct charnwood act". I'll admit it looks like a small terminus, but it is better to check with others that spread lies about history.

Bus 400

I have just added a few of the missing termini

Bus 400

A terminus that may of been missed is the University of Canberra Terminus. As seen in this map prior to Belconnen Interchange, there use to be a service from Higgins Interchange to the UC & another service from City to UC. The services use to finish at the end of Kirinari Street. I can't pin point the exact location but maybe someone else will know.

Also the Bimberi Centre & AMC Gaol are missing. A part photo of the AMC can be found at I've added a picture of the Bimberi Terminus to my topic of Missing Termini.

Sylvan Loves Buses

If you want more, I can make a special effort along my travels to get some more for you. Has that listed changed much since 2009?