Trip Report - CBR-MEL-CBR-BNE-BDB-CBR - With Photos

Started by Sir Pompously, February 24, 2009, 12:32:15 AM

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Sir Pompously

Didn't really know where to post this, so I just posted it here!

As posted on The Aussie Aviator, just with a few extra photos added.

Canberra to Melbourne
Date: 09/02/2009
Flight No: QF853
Type: Boeing 737-476
Name: Jabiru
Seat: 5F
Class: Business
STD: 13:20
STA: 14:30
Gate: 12
I decided to get a Posse together and head on down to Melbourne for a few days to Photograph some Trains, Trams and Buses. The day started off with a visit to the Doctors, then the Dentist and then out to the Airport. Checked in an allocated myself 5F, expecting a full flight in Business. Walked over to Subway at the Caltex and grabbed a bite to eat, seeing my Friend (John) and myself were at the Airport a tad early. We finished and made the trek back through the maze of construction currently being undertaken at Canberra Airport. Our flight boarded and I found that I was only 1 of about 3 in business class, and seated in the very last row. All good however, had the whole row to myself. We ascended out of Canberra Airport to the North and manoeuvred our way to the south flying over the northern most suburbs of Canberra, and eventually over the Snowy Mountains (Which in winter is a sea of white snow). Lunch today was a Chicken Salad, and choice of drinks. I decided on the one and only Bundaberg Ginger Beer, the best Ginger Beer Australia has to offer. Not much too really say, we passed over bushfire affected areas (The dreaded dark mass of black scarring the landscape) and some bushfires still burning in the parks. We came in from the North to Melbourne with a smooth Landing. However, due to pressurisation my left ear would not pop back (De-pressurise?) So I was hard of hearing for the rest of the day in my left ear! We collected our bags (John had been up the back in Economy for the flight), which came out first (love travelling business) and as I had already paid for our Skybus tickets we boarded our Skybus to the City.
Our Skybus today was one of the 14.5m Scania's (They also have one articulated vehicle). An express 20 Min ride into Southern Cross Station (Spencer Street), which then saw us changing modes of Transport to a Train to Flinders Street which was seemingly closer to my hotel in Little Collins Street. Myself and my friend Mathew who was joining us from Sydney were staying in the same hotel, the All Seasons Victoria Hotel. My friend John had no accommodation as yet, so we decided on the Formule 1. Throughout this trip, we focused on Melbourne's Buses, Trains and Trams riding throughout the Metcard System riding on interesting vehicles.

Melbourne to Canberra
Date: 12/02/2009
Flight No: QF848
Type: Boeing 737-476
Name: Falcon
Seat: 16F
Class: Economy
STD: 10:40
STA: 11:35
Gate: 9
Awoke Early to head to Southern Cross Station to get the Skybus over to Melbourne Airport. Mathew and myself checked out of the All Seasons and walked to Bourke Street to catch the Route 96 Tram to Southern Cross. Hopping on a highly i*****d Combino tram, we made our way squished in between people with my luggage. Arrived at Southern Cross and waited out a few Skybus buses so I could see if I could get an articulated vehicle. This did not show up, and I passed it later on when it was leaving the airport. During this waiting period I had received a phone call from my mum to say that my Uncle had passed away in Bundaberg. A Little down I continued onto the airport on another Skybus 14.5m Scania, and with little traffic on the road the journey was the quick 20minutes they state. I checked in with a non-existent queue ahead of me and went into the airport to find something to eat. Found a café in the food court which had a chicken foccacia, so I decided to grab one of those and have a bite to eat. Walked up to the very end of the terminal to my gate, stopping first at an Everywhere Internet kiosk to check my emails and to view a few websites before my flight. My flight was not very full, I was lucky to have the seat next to me free so I could spread out a little. Meal service was started after the seat belt sign was switched off, however I did not have any snack today as the offering was a fruit cake which I am not really fond of (Plus I had already had something in the terminal). My entertainment for this flight was the usual combination of my iPod and Billboard, which is part of the On:Q RadioQ entertainment network. Not much else to really say about this flight, we came in on an approach from the North so the landing was very smooth (Not as many mountains to cause turbulence when arriving from the north). On arrival into Canberra I grabbed my bag and changed for work, which was a few hours away.

Canberra to Brisbane
Date: 14/02/2009
Flight No: QF958
Type: Boeing 737-476
Name: Heron
Seat: 2A
Class: Business
ATD: 17:40
ATA: 18:25
Gate: 14
This journey to Brisbane was only part of a longer journey to Bundaberg, to attend a wake for my Uncle. I left work straight away to travel to Brisbane a day before my parents (As they would have a full car from Brisbane to Bundaberg I opted for the Tilt Train the next day). Once again I was in Business class for this service, and had a lovely crew for this flight who could not do enough for you! With only about 30 people on the flight, service was very personal. One thing I did forget to mention in previous Trip Reports is that Qantas have changed the Safety Demonstration Video. It now starts with the boy with a paper aeroplane, which flies through the air to reveal the QANTAS Safety Demonstration logo. Then a Captain comes on an introduces people to the flight and aircraft, where it then changes to a ladies voice who goes through the safety features of the aircraft. It is not a bad video, probably one of the best out there. Anyway, back to the flight we flew to the south first before moving towards the north, over Southern Canberra. Dinner was served shortly after takeoff, with today's meal being a choice of a Chicken Salad or a Beef Stir Fry with Rice. Tossing between the choice of 'Rabbit food' :P or a Stir Fry I opted for the latter, which came with a small side salad and two Dark Chocolates for dessert. For a drink I just had my old favourite, Coca-Cola, of which my glass was refilled many times during the flight. Landing into Brisbane was the best landing into Brisbane I have had to date. Not one scrap of turbulence. A smooth descent and then a smooth touchdown, so compliments to the Captain and First Officer. I collected my bags which were already on the carousel, and made my way to the Airtrain station. Unfortunately I forgot my Go Card which is the Smartcard ticketing system used in Queensland so I had to dig deep into my pockets and pay for a ticket! I was lucky to get one of Queensland Rail's newest Interurban trains, which are very nice indeed. I arrived at Roma Street and made the short walk to Turbot street where my hotel, The Ibis, was situated. Described as an oversized room I relaxed and watched some British Comedy they were playing on 7, ordered room service and took a short walk to a 7/11 to get some snacks for the following day. I had an early night, after a long day at work I was more than ready to turn in.

Brisbane (Roma Street) to Bundaberg
Date: 15/02/2009
Service Number: QTT501
Type: Electric Tilt Train (Walkers Maryborough/Hitachi)
Name: City of Maryborough
Carriage/Seat: C /35
Class: Economy
STD: 11:00
STA: 15:30
Platform: 10
I woke up early in the morning, so I could get myself prepared for the mornings travel. Thinking to myself in the process, I might aswell get some photos of peak hour transport. Slowly it dawned on me, it's a Sunday. So scrapping that plan I walked around the block looking for a newsagent or a Convenience store which sold a Sunday Newspaper, unsuccessfully I only found Saturdays newspaper so I returned with a Breaka milk (For those who don't know Breaka is found in Queensland and comes in not only Chocolate, Strawberry and Iced Coffee but also Lime) for my breakfast, then just watched TV before checking out. Arrived at Roma Street Station just after 10am and checked in my bag to Bundaberg, and then took a seat at the end of the platform while the train was being serviced. The train today had the carriage placements opposite of what it normally is, with Carriage A facing towards the city instead of the Mayne Yard/Exhibition end of Roma Street Platform 10. When the train pulled in, I found my seat which was an aisle seat midway down the carriage. In the seat next to me was a rather largish woman, which inhibited me from sitting comfortably in my own seat (Why I normally travel business class on the Tilt Train). We headed off through the north with Ticket Checking and Meal orders taking place between Roma Street and the first stop, Caboolture. I ordered myself a Chicken and Oriental Noodles meal, which I had last time I travelled and is quite delicious. This was served at about Nambour, and unlike business class, was served just as the meal with no dessert. The movie was Horton hears a Who, a Dreamwork's movie based on the book by Dr Suess. We moved through the ranges and ended up in Maryborough, where a few brand new locomotives and refurbished locomotives were waiting in the yard for delivery. After Maryborough the train gets the most 160km/h running in the journey, as there is plenty of flat land. We arrived into Bundaberg on time and I had to fight through the crowd to collect my luggage at the rear of the train. Mum and Dad had arrived only 45 minutes prior (They left about 2 hours before me) and collected me from the train station to our motel which was about 2 minutes down the road.

Brisbane to Canberra
Date: 18/02/2009
Flight No: QF961
Type: Boeing 737-476
Name: Kestrel
Seat: 8A
Class: Economy
ATD: 15:35
ATA: 18:07
Gate: 17
We made our way down to Brisbane by car, arriving a good two hours before our flight to make sure we had enough time. Mum and Dad were in Business, while I was in economy. I had selected one of only two windows seats left on the aircraft, and I was one of the only people that had a full row! Take off was a little bumpy due to storms in the area, however once we were past the Gold Coast it smoothed out and the rest of the flight was very uneventful. Today's food service was a snack, this being a collection of Carman's food products like cookies, pretzels and nuts. Was quite a nice snack in-between meals. Entertainment was the usual, Billboard and iPod. Not much to say about this flight although we did arrive extremely early!


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Didn't really know where to post this, so I just posted it here!

Other Transport maybe, I will post mine as well.

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Great report Todd. Very thorough!