What Network Improvements Would You Like To See?

Started by Bus 400, May 23, 2009, 10:22:01 AM

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Bus 400

Since it has almost been a year since the "improved network" Network 2008 began, I thought what improvements would everyone else like to see?
Me personally:

-Expanded Tuggeranong Valley Xpresso Services (Kambah/Wanniassa) (160/161/162
-New 700 Xpresso (Tuggeranong-Woden-Barton-Russell-Campbell Park-BBP-Fairbairn Park) (With 28 & 63 Extension's, 225,226,227,265,267 Scrapped)
-Tuggeranong Interchange to City Xpresso (785/787 Diversion of new 789 Xpresso)

I know that this won't happen for years as ACTION are still short of drivers & are low on buses.


an xpresso for chifley,pearce,torrens numbered 721


Renumber the buses that go direct between interchanges so that:
746-New Tuggeranong to City
747-Current 705
748-Current 710
749 stays the same.

Then that frees up the 70# numbers for the Belconnen area:
701, 702, 703 and 704 stay the same
705 becomes a second Kippax espresso via Page Florey and Latham

A new route 700: The same as the intertown but only stopping  at interchanges

A new lot of tourist loops:
One to do the area south of the city, possibly numbered the 83 servicing the mint, questacon, parliament house.

A diversion of the 81 to the National Museum, this would mean that the 3/934 no longer services it.

The 81/83 would run everyday

Abolish the 900 series runs

Extension of the 17 and 16, to Tuggeranong, therefore been renumbered 316 and 317 and also that Kippax has intertowns.

I think that is all I want to improve

Buzz Killington

Remember folks, you are always more than welcome to put your Route ideas onto the Wiki.


Well I have more:
73/74: No longer service Florey. From Camron ave. bus services market back onto Lathalain st, Left Cohen, Right Nettefold st, Continue onto Ogilby Cres, Right Burkitt st, Left Hannaford Cres, Right Petterd st, continue as normal.

10: Split into 2:
-Belconnen to City becomes the 40 (no change otherwise)
-City to Fairbairn stays the 10, no longer services Fairbairn, now services the airport terminal and continues throught Brindibella Park onto Oaks Estate and Beard.

11: Starts at Erindale and follows current route to Tuggeranong which will then continue to Belconnen via Intertown therefore been re-numbered 311. Meaning the 111 peak extension would be abolished.

All 100 and 200 series route would be replaced with expressos.


160-Becomes 760-no longer travels via Woden and terminates at Kambah High
161-Becomes 761-No longer travels via Woden and Terminates at Erindale
162-Becomes 762-No Longer travels via Woden and Terminates at Kambah Village
170-Becomes 763, provides direct non stop travel between city and Woden and then continues as normal.
225-Becomes 725-no longer services Woden Interchange
226-Becomes 726-no longer services Woden
227-Route abolished
730-Replaces 225, 226 and 227 between Woden and Cambell Park
265-Becomes 765, No longer Services Woden.
267-Becomes 767, No longer services Woden

8 and 7 combined, route number is the 8.
7 renumbered route 10 from the city to Oaks Estate
43 no longer service Charnwood instead servicing West Macgregor.
Increased 45 frequency
New route 310, follow the route 56/58 from GMP to Belconnen where it will then continue to Tuggeranong.
3 to no longer service parliament house with the introduction of the 82
Current 82 renumbered the 87 and now the tourist loop mentioned above
2 no longer service parliament house