Aquisition of ex-410: NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Started by Barry Drive, August 04, 2010, 01:05:24 PM

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Are you able to assist with the purchase of Bus 410 (and how much)

1 (20%)
3 (60%)
0 (0%)
1 (20%)
more than $2000
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 5

Barry Drive

Former bus 410 has been granted a temporary reprieve from the wreckers due to Canberra bus enthusisats being interested in buying it. However, to purchase, repair and transport the bus back to Canberra will not come cheap - we could be looking at up to $10,000 once repairs and fuel costs are taken into account.

So it's time to get serious. Can we raise enough money to save this bus?

A vote in the poll is a pledge to provide the money, provided that enough can be raised. You can also PM me if you don't feel comfortable with using the poll.

Sir Pompously

I can donate a couple of hundred. With Mathew and I doing 661, and possibly 675 aswell I don't have as much money, however more can be donated at a later date for the cause as it goes along.

The Love Guru

I have added my vote.

We could also try a fund raiser at the depots as i'm sure some of the older drivers would have some very fond memories of the MAN and Mercs

Buzz Killington

I'd like to chip in, but may not be able to due to other financial priorities.

At most, probably about $100.

Barry Drive

The condition of 410 was not as good as I had expected. The body is in reasonable condition for its age, but by the looks of it, it would take a LOT of work/money to get it driveable again.

Horizons West also have two other ex-ACTION MANs, 28 [still in service] - original fleet number 445 and 33 not in service and for sale - original fleet number 476 or 479. These buses appear to be in better condition, although they have been modified to remove the rear door and to install air conditioning.

In any case, it looks like 410 is beyond saving.

More photos can be viewed here:

Buzz Killington

A pity that 410 looks to be in such a bad state (literally and figuratively, lulz)

might have to turn our attention back to 674..


Shall we mark the 410 plans officially CLOSED?


and if it is in perth that would be madness getting back to canberra or sydney


After seeing the pictures on fb I dare say it is rooted. I say turn our attention towards 674 as that is still in service it will be in much better condition and much cheaper to get home.

Sir Pompously

Yes but that depends on the price that Cavanagh's wants for the darn thing. Last time they wanted $30,000. 410 Does look a little worse for wear. It is not as if it is un-fixable, it can all be fixed. However looking at it it would take alot of time and money to do so.


if 674 is purchased you should recreate it in its AOA livery

Sir Pompously

That would be nice, however very costly to do. Z Stripe would be fine, just fine.


yeah I know, Iam just a huge fan of AOA buses

Barry Drive

Quote from: Busn00b on August 18, 2010, 05:36:03 PM
Shall we mark the 410 plans officially CLOSED?
I'd say so. It looks like 410 was being used to provide parts for the other buses. It would be a monumental job in bringing it back to life.

Can a moderator please close or remove the poll and then lock the thread? Thanks.