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Started by Sir Pompously, August 27, 2010, 07:08:56 AM

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Sir Pompously

Finally, some sense. Hopefully it will take off and become apart of ACTION's regular routes (Unless they contract it to Deane's or, eww, Keirs).
QuoteGovernment agrees to late night bus trial
26 Aug, 2010 12:02 PM
A three-month trial of regular late night buses is the price extracted by the ACT Greens in return for their support of the ACT Government's overhaul of the territory's liquor licensing laws.

Greens law and justice spokesman Shane Rattenbury and Attorney General Simon Corbell struck a deal, on Wednesday evening, which will see the ACT Government spend $250,000 extending the "Nightrider'' late night bus services, which currently run only during certain holiday periods.

Mr Corbell's reforms in the Liquor Bill 2010 will replace the outdated Liquor Act 1975 and aimed to curb anti-social behaviour by imposing risk-based licence fees and a risk management regime on late-night venues.

The agreement means that the new Liquor Bill should pass the legislative Assembly today, subject to amendments tabled by the Canberra Liberals, allowing the laws to be in place for the peak summer drinking season.

A new licence fee structure would mean that venues with the worst histories of alcohol-related violence footed the police, courts, ambulance and hospitals bills imposed on the community by drunken fighting.

The laws would force all licensed premises to develop a risk assessment management plan and the Government, in anticipation of pushing the Bill through the Assembly in this sitting period, had funded 10 extra police officers this year to help enforce the new laws.

Irisbus Rider

So, when is this going to commence? If it's going to happen this year, realistically, it should start from mid-November, and run until mid-February, but I'm assuming this will not be the case?


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