Council Agrees In Principle To Relocation Of Queanbeyan Bus Interchange

Started by Bus 400, December 09, 2010, 11:22:00 PM

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Bus 400

Council agrees in principle to relocation of Queanbeyan Bus Interchange

At its meeting on Wednesday 24 November, Queanbeyan City Council agreed in principle to the relocation of the Queanbeyan Bus Interchange from its current location in Morisset St to the Collett St carpark.

"Council believes that the Collett St carpark is the ideal location for the Queanbeyan Bus Interchange and this move will allow Queanbeyan to establish a park and ride facility," Queanbeyan Mayor, Cr Tim Overall.

"The creation of a park and ride facility in Queanbeyan will encourage the use of public transport and also increase the usage of the Collett St carpark. At the moment only 20-30 of the 464 car spaces in the Collett St carpark are used on a daily basis.

"Along with the need for a park and ride facility, the move comes about due to size constraints of Morisset St interchange and traffic safety issues."

Council has held discussions with Deane's Transport Group regarding the relocation and will continue to work with the company during the planning phase.

"Council understands that a number of issues must be resolved in the Collett St Carpark before the move can take place, including:
·         improvement to bus turning paths
·         provide toilet facilities
·         provide seating for bus patrons
·         review of security which may mean the installation of CCTV
·         lighting improvements.

"I believe the relocation of the bus interchange will have real benefits the community," Cr Overall said. "It will help alleviate the problems in Morisset St and will also increase usage of the Collett St Carpark.

"Over the coming weeks I will be raising this issue with State and Federal members of Parliament as well as candidates for the State Government elections. Council will enter into discussions with the relevant authorities to see what grant funding may be available for the project."


Bus 400

Quote from: Busn00b on December 13, 2010, 03:53:37 PM
Is that the carpark that already looks like a bus interchange?

Yeah it is, for those who don't know which carpark it is one of the entrances is opposite the caravan park on the Queanbeyan River.

Below is a little piece from the Queanbeyan Age:

Bus interchange to be relocated
25 Nov, 2010 04:07 PM
THE unpopular Collett Street car park may soon be home to the Queanbeyan bus interchange.
At Wednesday's council meeting councillors agreed in principle to relocate the Morisset Street interchange and establish a park and ride facility in its place.

Mayor Tim Overall said the park and ride facility was aimed at encouraging Queanbeyanites to use public transport and noted only 20 to 30 of the 464 car spaces in the Collett Street car park were currently used on a daily basis.

In a report to council, general manager Gary Chapman said the current interchange raised ongoing security and safety concerns for school children.

Speaking at Wednesday's meeting, former councillor Les Manning said he did not see how relocating the interchange would address safety and behavioural issues.

He said it was a small number of people causing problems.

``I believe the whole community should be involved to try and solve the problems caused by young people; it's everyone's responsibility,'' Mr Manning said.

He agreed the car park was under-utilised but said ``councillors should bear in mind that the car park came at no cost to them''.

Cr Overall said he believed relocating the interchange would ``have real benefits to the community''.

``Over the coming weeks I will be raising this issue with state and federal members of parliament as well as candidates for the State Government elections,'' he said.

Irisbus Rider

As 'Busn00b' has stated, it already looks like a Bus Interchange, so all they need to do is place a few timetables, and away you go!
I hope the route will be altered to traverse the location of the current Interchange, which is closer to the true CBD, as this carpark, or future Interchange, is on the fringes of the CBD.....