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ACTION Launches official Twitter service

Started by Barry Drive, October 28, 2011, 11:32:57 AM

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Barry Drive

Breaking news from ACT Bus:

ACTION Buses launched an official Twitter service today, six months after ACT Bus commenced our campaign for such an account. The service will provide followers with reports on changes to bus services and timetables, event-related information as well as notification of consultation opportunities and new bus-related infrastructure.

The Twitter service "will allow ACTION to communicate instantly and directly with the public, particularly the growing number of people who use smartphones," Director of ACTION, James Roncon said. It does not, however, allow users to submit feedback to ACTION - customers will still be required to do so by telephone or internet.

"The site will focus on informing the community of major changes, such as road closures, that might impact on their bus services. While it will not be possible to send a tweet about every bus that might be running a couple of minutes late, it is another step ACTION is taking to improve its information to the public.

"The ACT Government recognises that improving information delivery to passengers is a key way to encourage more people to use public transport."

Mr Roncon said the ACTION Twitter site will be operational between 8.30 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. It will be updated with significant service changes on weekends or after hours as necessary.

The ACTION Twitter feed can be found at @ACTIONbuses

Barry Drive

@ACTIONbuses has now started responding to tweets directed at it. Although it looks like these are only done during the morning peak times - while the service cancellation tweets are being done.

Slowly they are starting to understand how this twitter thing should be used.


Yes - I saw that today. I even made a comment about my bus not showing up.

Why has it only be done during morning peaks? Surely twitter has been around for so long that it should just be instituted. No one buys the 'trial' BS either.

Buzz Killington

The trial was due to end last week, but there were service cancellation tweets this morning. Hopefully it has been made a permanent feature.

Bus 400

There was something on this mornings radio news that the Twitter thing was proven successful & will continue. But still between 07:30 & 09:00. But Katy Gallagher hinted at it being expanded as part of passenger real time.


I reported in that my 488 S/R was running 10 minutes late this am; wonder if that was picked up on the twitter service?

Barry Drive

Buzz Killington

From Monday, ACTION has split the morning service alerts to a new Twitter account, ACTION Bus Alerts

Still 0730-0900 Monday to Friday. Not sure why they have split them into a new account, although it may be that they want to integrate that feed into something else (mobile site, smartphone app) and have a strictly 'service alerts' feed to split it apart from the more general tweets.

Barry Drive

As of today the official @ACTIONbuses twitter account was renamed as @Transport_CBR (despite all the newly published bus books and also the transport.act website referring to @ACTIONbuses).


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and their integrated facebook account is at
As with twitter, the website still links to the old one as does all the newly published bus books