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Started by smitho, May 30, 2013, 06:37:22 AM

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Long established Park and Ride facilities at Curtin and Chisholm group centres now have new signage and P&R parking spots have been relocated.

At Chisholm, P&R bays are now at the western end of the carpark (further from the bus stops than the old P&R bays); this should release the old bays for parking by Aldi patrons as Aldi adjoins the eastern end of the carpark. However, despite the new signage, the original, very worn P&R signage still directs bus park and ride patrons to the Aldi end of the carpark.

At Curtin, the P&R bays have been relocated from the eastern carpark adjoining Coles, to the western carpark at the southern end (rear) of Coles. The new bays are slightly further from the main Curtin Centre bus stops than the original bays.

Bus 400

Same can be said for the 2 Kambah Park & Rides. For the first time since I can remember, the Kambah Village P&R has been sign posted. A few new signs have gone up at the Jenke Circuit P&R, but some old signs still remain (as of a few weeks ago).