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Started by Barry Drive, June 16, 2018, 07:15:24 PM

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Barry Drive

This year's budget is even harder than last year's to find out much information regarding Public Transport.

The official media release says very little:

Quote from: Media Release
The ACT Government is building an integrated public transport network that will change the way Canberrans move around our city. Along with our significant investment in Light Rail Stage One and our expansion of the rapid bus network, this Budget will also deliver:
•$10 million for the next stage of planning, design and enabling works for Light Rail Stage Two from the City to Woden. With a preferred route now on the table and discussions well underway with the Commonwealth Government, we are getting on with making the second stage of Canberra's transformative public transport project a reality. We will also fund planning for a light rail stop at Mitchell as part of the Gungahlin to City light rail route
•$2.5 million for enabling works that will support the delivery of Light Rail Stage Two, including early planning work and the preparation of detailed business cases for works on the Woden Bus Interchange and surrounding road network, Park and Ride facilities and the Yarra Glen roundabout and intersections.

The ACT Government will also continue to purchase new, cleaner buses for our expanded rapid network as our city continues to grow.

From the Budget Papers

Capital initiatives -

"Better infrastructure for the Rapid Transport Network" $1.050m in 2018/19 (bus stop infrastructure upgrades and possibly new termini)

Capital works in progress -

"Trial of electric buses" $0.421m ending June 2019
"Faster bus travel" $0.9m 2018/19 year, $0.5m 2019/20 year. (presumably road and bus stop improvements)
"Integrated bus and light rail ticketing" $1.690m in 2018/19
"New bus depot in Woden" $15m in 2018/19, $10m in 2019/20 completion June 2020
"Expansion of the rapid bus network" $37.93m all in 2018/19 (presumably new buses)
"TC business system upgrade" $0.65m in 2018/19
"Real time passenger information system" $2.250m all in 2018/19 (more than the new ticket system - for this money it should include an app)

Listed under Emergency Services is a project to improve TRN over two years. No indication as to whether this also affects the bus radio network.

Better infrastructure fund -

"Bus major component overhauls including driver and passenger seat refurbishment" $0.800m
"Transport Canberra infrastructure and bus depot upgrades" $0.792m

Recurrent costs -

Additional $5.378m in 2018/19 for employee expenses related to additional staff for new network and Woden Depot operations
Additional $1.975m for increased costs due to new network (fuel and maintenance); includes $0.421 for "re-profiling" of evaluation buses (transferred from 2017/18).

Accountability indicators -

Percentage of DDA compliant buses – 2018 target: 82%, estimated outcome: 80% ¹, 2019 target: 81% ³
Percentage of Euro 5 or better – 2018 target: 62%, estimated outcome: 59% ², 2019 target: 62% ³
Public Transport boardings – 2018 target: 18.4m, estimated outcome: 18.4m, 2019 target: 18.7m ⁴

¹ Current figure is 79.2% [as at 16 Jun] (if you don't count the Darts); to get to 79.5%, need to commission 4 low floors (652-654 + 711, or 652-655) and withdraw one Renault by 30 June. With Darts included, already at 79.5% - 5 low floors added and 2 withdrawals takes it to 80% exactly.

² Excluding the Darts, currently at 58.1%; 4 new buses and one withdrawal results in 58.6% Euro 5/Euro 6/full electric. With Darts counted it's 57.3%, but can only get to 58% with 5 new and 2 withdrawn.

³ Assuming 40 new Scanias in service, but not 710-712, excluding the Darts and with 2 Renault withdrawals results in 81.2% DDA and 61.75% Euro 5 or better. With Darts counted, cannot exceed 61% >Euro 4 without withdrawing an equal number of Renaults (since the Darts are Euro III).

⁴ Not a standard measure: an increased need for transfers will raise this figure without actually increasing patronage.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Considering how Stage 1 of the LR has cost over $700 million, is there really any money left to do anything else? >:D

Good to see they've at least considered (finally) a stop for Mitchell too, it's quite a suburb, with quite a messed up bus service.