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Started by triumph, September 25, 2018, 10:27:42 PM

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Boeing 737-800, VH-XZO, Flt 795, 6.10am Canberra to Melbourne (Tullamarine). Gate to gate 1hr 10min, flight 59min.
Bus, fleet no 35, Tullamarine Bus Line, rte 482 Melbourne Airport to tram terminus at Airport West.
B2 class tram 2054, rte 59 Airport West terminus stop 59 to City Terminus stop 1. Note coincidence of stop nos and route no.
B2 class tram 2032 rte 64 just 1 stop east from Flinders St
Z3 class tram 214, rte 3 just 1 stop to Flinders St
Z3 class tram 184, rte 57 just 1 stop from Flinders St
B2 class tram 2073, rte 59, City Terminus to Airport West terminus
Bus, fleet no 15, Tullamarine Bus Line, rte 478 Airport West tram terminus to Melbourne Airport
Boeing 737-800, VH-VZZ, flt QF834, 5.10pm from Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Canberra. Gate to gate 60min, flight 45min.


Forgot to mention,
As has become a normal experience on interstate trips, a ticket inspector appeared not long after the first tram ridden left Airport West.

Barry Drive

1. What was your end-to-end travel time using the Airport West tram option? (both directions)

2. Did you consider the Broadmeadows Train then 901 bus option? (That takes about one hour, once you get on the train. Have yet to try this going away from the airport though.)

3. The proposed Melbourne Train Link may offer a one way fare for $20. Assuming it accepts Myki (and why wouldn't it), would you use it as opposed to the standard fare options?

1. It's a shame your itinerary didn't afford you time to catch an E/E2 class Bombardier to St Kilda.

2. On a recent visit to Melbourne, I got ticket inspected on the train to Broadmeadows. A woman in front of me got pinged for not tagging on - unsure whether they issued a fine.


In reply
Q1 The tram is about an hour. Including walking (slowly due to a leg injury) to airport bus terminus, bus, walking Elizabeth St to St Kilda Rd along Flinders St, and tram one stop to destination, airport gate lounge to destination just over 2 hours.

Q2 Aware of possibility but elected not to on this occasion.

Q3 Only if regular Myki fare applied. Resent premium fares applied just because you are using an airport. Avoided Skybus due to that and inconvenient set down in City. (The double deck coach was a temptation though.)

Comment 1. Agreed but primary purpose was not transport related.

Comment 2. Last trip to Adelaide, 3 inspections in 3 weeks, recent one day stay in Wollongong 1 inspection. Canberra? Once in two decades.

Added comment. Chose tram from Essendon because I wanted to and could integrate it with primary purpose. Not necessarily the absolute most time efficient public transport method.

Thanks for interest in posing questions.


As someone who does frequent Melbourne airport for travel onward I have often wondered about way to avoid Skybus. As Barry Drive suggested the 901/Train from Broadmeadows is a good option and I have wanted to try the team. I have a strong dislike for Skybus due to the high fare and the fact you really aren't getting a premium service.

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