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Started by Sir Pompously, December 06, 2007, 04:50:27 PM

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Sir Pompously

New summer timetable
CountryLink is introducing a summer timetable effective from Sunday 25 November 2007 until Saturday 29 March 2008.

During the hotter summer months, speed restrictions are imposed by the Australian Rail Track Corporation and the temporary summer timetable will ensure a more reliable service.

The timetable changes will affect the following train routes:

Sydney - Melbourne
Sydney - Canberra
Sydney - Moree
Minor adjustments will also be made to the weekly XPLORER service to Griffith.

There will also be a number of changes to connecting CountryLink coach services. The major impact will be on connections to Sydney - Melbourne XPT services at Cootamundra and Wagga Wagga.

The latest timetable information can be found via our online booking system or timetable pages.

Customers who have already booked travel during the temporary timetable period will be notified of the changes by phone. When making a new booking, please make sure to leave your telephone number.

And Minor adjustments to Griffith services? Last time I went out there in summer, it was about an hour or two late due to WOLO conditions on he track, creating buckling and at times 10kmph speed limits. CountryLink timetables can be viewed at

QuoteThe service just comes naturally

In June 2007, CountryLink launched a campaign in regional NSW to highlight the friendly and professional service of our staff.

Whether they?re travel consultants, call centre officers, station managers, or on-board service officers, one thing all CountryLink staff have in common is a passion for service.

The people featured volunteered to take part and illustrate how the way we behave at home carries across into our work.

View the ad's here

For the Ad's above, Bernard is the Station Master at Canberra Railway Station. I can remember what position Leah is in, I think she is a Passenger Attendant.

QuoteChanges to CountryLink fares
From 1 September 2007 CountryLink fares will increase by 4.8 per cent. This is the first fare increase since November 2005 and reflects the rising cost of wages, electricity, fuel, steel and other necessities for running our services and operations.

There are also changes to the seasonal discounts moving from 40% to 30% in the Low Season and 20% to 15% in Shoulder Season.

Country Pension Excursion tickets are not affected and will remain at $2.50.

See the table below for examples of how some fares will change from 1 September.

Journey Current full adult fare  From 1 Sept - full adult fare 
                                  First class  Economy  First class  Economy 
Sydney to Albury           $135.30     $97.90     $141.81     $102.61
Sydney to Armidale        $125.40     $90.20     $131.43     $94.54
Sydney to Dubbo           $103.40     $74.80     $108.38     $78.40
Sydney to Coffs Harbour $125.40     $90.20     $131.43     $94.54
Sydney to Wagga Wagga$119.90     $84.70     $125.67     $88.77
Sydney to Canberra       $75.90       $53.90     $79.56      $56.50
Sydney to Brisbane        $174.90     $124.30   $183.31     $130.28
Sydney to Melbourne     $174.90      $124.30   $183.31    $130.28

Irisbus Rider

Hmmm, CountryLink.

Get your stuff together!!! Crickey, they're not going to get passengers unless they make it an attractive service! Speed Restrictions, gees.

Sorry, just had to vent off some steam, ha ha.

Sir Pompously

Not really CountryLinks fault, it is ARTC, The NSW Government and the Australian Government who do not upgrade tracks and infrastructure to prevent these restrictions from being in place.

Bus 400

Quote from: Todd Milton on December 08, 2007, 10:44:04 PM
Not really CountryLinks fault, it is ARTC, The NSW Government and the Australian Government who do not upgrade tracks and infrastructure to prevent these restrictions from being in place.

That is quite correct. I've travelled on the XPT from Melbourne to Cootamundra, we were running ahead of time with a 15 minute wait in Albury. But from Albury to Cootamundra, we were very slow & ended up being 30 minutes late into Cootamundra. Our bus then went upto Yass junction to wait for more passengers off our train. The coach beat the train by 20 minutes. This was back in October 2006.

Irisbus Rider

Oh yeah, thats true. My mistake there.....


In case any one doesn't know, Countrylink services from Canberra to Sydney and back in [most] of Janurary 2008 will be by coach. It's due to trackwork. The service will terminate in Hay street [on the corner of Pitt & Hay street - or so I was told by the Countrylink operator when I booked to go to Sydney in mid Janurary]. As I'm being picked up it won't matter that the suburban trains are a fair walk away, but on the return trip it means I will have to take the Lightrail from Central to the first stop - Capitol Square - and walk to the Terminus a bit further back along Hay street. It's just too far for me to walk as I'm not able-bodied enough, but it is a pain! >:(