Restoration of BUS 717

Started by CTM, February 07, 2021, 11:09:31 AM

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Canberra Transport Museum is excited to announce that Renault PR180.2 Mk I BUS 717 was recently acquired for restoration. Below are some pictures of this bus in the condition it was acquired as well as its current condition with fleet numbers back on the bus. We hope that we will have the bus registered on historic plates in the coming weeks and hope to be able to use it on an event in the very near future!

Stan butler

Sylvan Loves Buses

That is fantastic! Can't wait to see these beauties back in 'ACTION'!

Toyota Camry

If there is a weekend event allowing for public bus rides, as I am no longer visiting Batemans Bay due to the COVID-19 pandemic in New South Wales, I may be available to attend; there is also an APS3 from another department whom I may also invite.

I am hoping that a sensible COVIDsafe plan will be implemented for any public bus ride, such as mandatory masks for all passengers onboard; this has been implemented already for bus trips in Victoria, which I have learnt about from another bus website that I am not a member of, as it does not have an active Canberra section.