A new bus timetable will begin Monday 9 October 2023 to align with the start of Term 4.

The timetable features more frequent weekday bus services, most of which will run at least every 30 minutes throughout the day. Some school services have also been refined based on school and community feedback.

When Network 2023 was introduced in January, the reduction of some daytime routes to operate only hourly was described as “unavoidable” by Transport Minister Chris Steel. With the exception of Route 47 and infrequent services such as 901 and 902, all daytime routes will be operating every 30 minutes or better.

The service frequencies in the evenings have not been increased; and weekend timetables remain unchanged with non-Rapid services operating two-hourly after midday on Saturday and all day Sunday.

Bus timetables

Changes to the new bus timetable include:

  • a return to increased daytime frequency of 30 minutes or better (previously 60 minutes) for all bus routes with the exception of route 47
  • increased daytime frequency to 15 minutes (previously 30 minutes during daytime off-peak) for route 59
  • increased morning peak frequency to 30 minutes (previously between 30-60 minutes) for routes 18 and 24
  • some timing adjustments to the first and last service to reflect improved frequency.

School services

Some school service refinements have been made based on school and community feedback. This includes:

  • timetable changes to 14 school services to better align with updated school bell times
  • route change for school service 1015 to accommodate students along Anthony Rolfe Avenue travelling to Mother Teresa Primary School and Harrison School.

Information sourced from “New bus timetables from 9 October 2023” (Transport Canberra website)

Transport Canberra wants you to “Rethink Your Routine”

Response to this timetable adjustment has been muted, with not even the Transport Minister issuing a Media Release to announce this change – the only official announcement has been made through the Transport Canberra website.

Similarly, there’s been no public comment in favour or critical of the changes from either the opposition Liberal Party, or the Greens Party as there was when the 2023 timetable was released in December 2022.

Only the Public Transport Association of Canberra (PTCBR) has issued as statement. They acknowledge that the improvements in the daytime services are a positive step, but continue to be disappointed with the evening and weekend service frequencies.

However, there’s still a lot more work to do to get the services our growing city needs. 


This page was last updated on 3 December 2023