Media Release: Katy Gallagher MLA

Chief Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Katy Gallagher, announced today that a project to upgrade 300 bus stops across Canberra to improve accessibility for people with disabilities is now well underway with the first 75 completed.

“This program of works to improve bus stops throughout Canberra will see seniors and people with disabilities benefit from upgrades to existing transport infrastructure,” the Chief Minister said.

“The first 75 bus stops to be upgraded have focused on the rapid public transport corridors where patronage is high.

“The project will help the Territory meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. It is enlarging concrete waiting areas to cover a space of three metres by five metres where possible and improvements to connecting footpaths to assist wheelchair access.

“Upgrades are also seeing tactile ground surface indicators installed to assist the visually impaired.”

The Chief Minister said the ACT Government was committed to making public transport more accessible.

“The recently released draft Transport for Canberra policy outlines a goal of getting 23% of Canberrans to use public transport, walk or cycle to get to and from work by 2016. The Government is also committed to accessibility improvements for people with disabilities to make it easier for them to use public transport.

“Bus stop improvements complement the $75.5 million fleet replacement program which will see ACTION meet its interim 2012 Disability Discrimination Act requirements,” the Chief Minister concluded.

The bus stop upgrade project will have minimal impact on everyday use of these bus stops. For more information contact Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.


This page was last updated on 13 March 2012