59The Causeway is set to lose its weekday bus service, with a ‘streamlined’ Route 80 to take effect under Network 2012 in two weeks time, from Monday 28 May.

953 The Causeway

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Residents fear they are being left out ahead of a redevelopment of their community, which is situated alongside the new Eastlake Development, however ACTION have said it is simply a case of low passenger numbers.

ACTION Director James Roncon told The Canberra Times that data from the MyWay system told it that an average of ten passengers a day were catching Route 80 to or from The Causeway.

School Services will continue to service the area, as will an on-call Community Services bus, which asks passengers for a gold-coin donation.

Mr Roncon said the changes are subject to a three-month trial. Otherwise, the alternative for Causeway residents is to walk to Wentworth Avenue, where they would have access to the Red Rapid service.

The changes to Route 80, which travels between Woden and City Bus Stations via Fyshwick, The Causeway, Kingston and Russell, will likely appease commuters who complained about the length of the route.

A meeting has occurred to explain the changes to Causeway residents, with another being held this Wednesday.

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