MAN SL200 522 was delivered in February 1978. ZIB 518 was fitted with the first production model AES farebox on 28 February. On 28 February five new off-peak routes were introduced to provide a service to the new Belconnen Mall.

Final field testing of the internal layout of the new City Interchange was conducted satisfactorily at the RAAF Base, Fairbairn on 18 February. The following week preliminary plans for the Interchange to be built on the car parks off London Circuit, either side of Northbourne Ave, were released by NCDC.


MAN SL200s 516, 517, 520, 521, 523 and 524 were delivered and 10 more MAN SG192s were ordered.


MAN SL200s 525 and 526 were delivered. No buses were withdrawn or sold.

On 17 April the Bus Operations Centre was moved from the Ainslie Shops back to Kingston Depot. The Centre had been above the Ainslie shops since 25 October 1976.

Site works commenced during the month for the installation of the third series of concrete shelters, this batch comprising 55 units. Previous batches had totalled 152 – 98 in the first group, followed by 54 in the second.


MAN SL 200 528, 529 and 530 were delivered.

Bus services to Bruce Stadium for the Soccer became a permanent fixture on 17 June.

Route 248 from Woden to Bruce and Route 348 from City to Bruce were introduced


MAN SL200 531 was delivered.

On 4 July 1978 a total of 508 SDV vehicles were transferred from Transport at Kingston to Admin Services at Fyshwick.

The installation of fare boxes in all buses commenced this month.

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