View and download bus timetables from 1982. Timetables of this era grouped routes servicing a common area. For simplicity, we have listed each route individually, however you will find that multiple routes link to a common timetable.

Route 10Woden to Farrer via Mawson and Southlands
Route 11Woden to Pearce via Lyons and Chifley
Route 213Woden to Cooleman via Weston, Holder, and Duffy
Route 231Woden to City via Curtin, Yarralumla, and Parkes
Route 237Woden to Causeway via Hughes, Yarralumla, Deakin, Forrest, Manuka, Kingston
Route 250Woden to Kambah West
Route 251Woden to Kambah West via Kambah East
Route 252Woden to Erindale via Wanniassa West
Route 253Woden to Erindale via Wanniassa East, Fadden, and Gowrie
Route 254Woden to Erindale via Wanniassa and Monash
Route 255Woden to Richardson via Chisholm
Route 260Woden to Erindale via Kambah West and Wanniassa West
Route 261Woden to Erindale via Kambah East, Wanniassa, and Gowrie
Route 262Woden to Richardson via Wanniassa East, Erindale, Monash, and Chisholm
Route 263Woden to Cooleman via Weston, Holder, and Duffy
Route 265Woden to Torrens via Lyons, Chifley, and Pearce
Route 267Woden to City via Curtin and Yarralumla
Route 287Woden to Railway Station
Route 291 Area Bus – Duffy, Holder, and Weston
Route 293Area Bus – Kambah West
Route 294Area Bus – Kambah East
Route 295Area Bus – Lyons, Chifley, Pearce, and Torrens
Route 296Area Bus – Phillip, Mawson, and Farrer
Route 297Area Bus – Monash, Fadden, and Gowrie
Route 300City to Royal Canberra Hospital via Acton
Route 302City to Campbell Park via Fairbairn Ave
Route 304City to RAAF Base via Russell
Route 306City to Turner Seniors Club
Route 323City to Woden via South Canberra and Fyshwick
Route 340City to Giralang via Kaleen
Route 341City to Giralang via Kaleen
Route 350City to Red Hill via Barton and Manuka
Route 351City to Red Hill via Barton and Manuka
Route 352City to Narrabundah via Barton, Kingston, and Griffith
Route 353City to Red Hill via Barton, Kingston, Griffith, and Narrabundah
Route 357City to Railway Station
Route 361 City to Red Hill via Parkes, Barton, and Manuka
Route 362City to Showgrounds via Braddon, Dickson, Downer, and Watson
Route 363City to Narrabundah via Kingston and Griffith
Route 366City to Duntroon via Reid and Campbell
Route 382City to Watson (Knox) via Dickson and Downer
Route 383City to Watson (Antill) via Braddon, Ainslie, and Dickson
Route 384City to Showground via Braddon, Dickson and Watson
Selected services extend to Mitchell/Cemetery/CSIRO
Route 385City to Dickson via Ainslie and Hackett
Route 387City to Mitchell via Showground (Select services extend to CSIRO Wildlife)
Route 391Area Bus – Red Hill and Parkes
Route 392Area Bus – Braddon, Ainslie, Dickson, and Downer
Route 393Area Bus – Parkes. Kingston, and Griffith
Route 394Area Bus – Braddon, Ainslie, and Hackett
Route 396Area Bus – Reid and Campbell
Route 400Belconnen to Giralang via Bruce and Kaleen
Route 411Belconnen to Spence via Melba and Evatt
Route 412Belconnen to Spence via Flynn and Melba
Route 413Belconnen to Spence via Flynn and Melba
Route 414Belconnen to Fraser West via Evatt, Melba, Flynn, and Charnwood
Route 415Belconnen to Fraser East via Flynn
Route 416Belconnen to Fraser West via Flynn and Charnwood
Route 417Belconnen to Hall via Ginninderra Village (Gold Creek)
Route 418Kippax to Fraser East via Macgregor and Charnwood
Route 419Kippax to Melba via Macgregor, Charnwood, and Flynn
Route 424Belconnen to Woden
Route 432Belconnen to Dickson via Bruce and O’Connor
Route 441Belconnen Loop via Page, Scullin, Weetangera, and Hawker
Route 442Belconnen Loop via Weetangera, Hawker, Scullin, and Page
Route 453Belconnen to Kippax via Latham
Route 454Belconnen to Macgregor via Scullin, Higgins, and Kippax
Route 455Belconnen to Macgregor via Kippax
Route 460Belconnen to Spence via Evatt
Route 461Belconnen to Spence via Page and Scullin
Route 462Belconnen to Fraser West via Latham, Kippax, and Macgregor
Route 463Belconnen to Kippax via Macquarie, Cook, Weetangera, Hawker, Higgins, and Holt
Route 465Belconnen to City via Bruce, Lyneham, and Dickson
Route 470Belconnen to Kippax via Higgins and Holt
Route 471Belconnen to Kippax via Cook, Weetangera, Hawker, and Higgins
Route 487Belconnen to Railway Station
Route 490Area Bus – Giralang and Kaleen
Route 491 Area Bus – McKellar, Evatt, Spence, and Melba
Route 492Area Bus – Fraser and Charnwood
Route 493Area Bus – Florey, Latham, and Macgregor
Route 494Area Bus – Holt and Higgins
Route 510Cooleman to Erindale via Stirling, Kambah West, and Wanniassa
Route 903City to Cotter via Acton, Woden Interchange, and Casuarina Sands

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