1987 saw delivery of the Renault PR100.2 Mk1 buses commence, and planning began for an overhaul of Canberra’s bus network.


  • Passengers enjoy the 900 series tourist routes, with services to Hall and the Cotter well patronised. However, ACTION Review Manager Ian Cooper refers to a Pine Island picnic special as a ‘write off’


  • Route 365 is introduced to provide Fyshwick with a Saturday service. It departs the City at 12.18, 2.18, and 4.13, and operates along Collie, Albany, and Gladstone Streets. The ACTION General Manager hopes to extend the weekday service into south-east Fyshwick later in the year.


  • The first Renault PR100.2, Bus 675, is delivered and enters service. Each PR100.2 costs $192,000, with the first 45 being built at a rate of one per week at Ansair in Melbourne. 675 was the first of 145 Mk1 Renault PR100.2 Buses.
  • Service interruptions occur following safety concerns regarding un-laminated bus windscreens. Drivers are offered suitable eye protection, and windscreen replacements are prioritised.


  • Bus 676 is delivered, and enters service.


  • Buses 677, 678, 679, and 680 are delivered, and enter service.
  • A sixteen page supplement is provided with the Canberra Times to outline proposed service changes.Proposals affecting routes 302, 303, 353, 384, 412, 413, 454 and 470 accounted for 65% of complaints received


  • Buses 681 and 682 are delivered, and enter service.


  • Buses 683, 684, and 685 are delivered, and enter service.


  • Major changes to the ACTION network are deferred to February 1988.
  • Buses 686 and 687 are delivered, and enter service.


  • Buses 688, 689, and 690 are delivered, and enter service.


  • Eight new services are introduced for residents of Tuggeranong, to coincide with the opening of the Tuggeranong Hyperdome.
  • Buses 692, 693, and 694 are delivered, and enter service.


  • More than seventy schools take part in the ACTION/Mentone bus shelter painting competition. The overall winner was Griffith Primary, who painted a shelter in McIntyre Street, Narrabundah. Winners in other categories included Koomari’s shelter in Miller St O’Connor, Charnwood Primary’s shelter in Lhotsky Street, and Narrabundah College’s shelter in Captain Cook Crescent, Griffith.
  • Buses 695, 696, and 697 are delivered, and enter service.
  • Bus 450 is involved in an accident on Barry Drive during a storm on 2 December. Three people were admitted to Royal Canberra Hospital as a result.

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