On Sunday 22 October 2006, the Sutton Road Driver Training Centre in Canberra played host to the 2006 Bus Roadeo. Drivers competed against one another to clock the best time on a course that required a lot of skill!

A number of buses were on display for the punters, including the then newest Scania L94UB Gas buses and Bus 726, a Renault PR180.2 (Articulated)

Here are the results:

Position / Name / Company
1st Warne Farley ACTION
2nd David Peppard STA
3rd Clive Andrew Brisbane Transport
4th Roy Ida Westbus
5th Ian Linney Veolia
6th Mal Muggleton ACTION
7th Mal Irving Greyhound
8th Jay Marasinghe Grenda
9th Tony Goldsbrough Grenda
10th David Alm DarwinBus
11th Robert Clarke Brisbane Transport
12th James Clark STA
13th Ron Terrington DarwinBus
14th Michael Degeest Ventura
15th George Haynes Greyhound
16th Jason Healey Veolia
17th Ian MacDonald Red Bus
18th Robert Herman Westbus

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