Bus 108 returns to service after suffering accident damage in October 2008.

ACTION outsource a number of shuttle services to various events including the Canberra Show and NRL following a union dispute over the number of supervisors put on duty.


On 23 April, a vehicle on a test drive from a Belconnen Car Yard cut 128 off at the then unsignalled Cohen St/Josephson St intersection, resulting in damage to the bike rack.

On a slightly more serious note, on 30 April police were called to Narrabundah Terminus to find an ACTION driver who was twelve times the legal blood alcohol limit. No passengers were on board the vehicle at the time.


On 24 May, Bus 300 operates the final service, a northbound 900, into Belconnen Interchange. The following day, the interchange is decomissioned and the two interim stations at Cameron Avenue and Lathlain St, as well as a permanent station at Cohen Street, begin operations.

Also this month, a driver is crushed between two buses in a depot incident.

The remains of 724’s trailer and 914 are taken for scrap metal. The front section of 703 is taken to the Belconnen Fire Station where it is used for training exercises. As of November 2009 it is still there and visible from Rae Street.


In early July, ACTION evaluate the 14.5 vehicles by borrowing a Metrobus Volgren bodied Scania K310UB

Fares are increased across the board by 11% on 1 July.


On the 15th, Chief Minister Jon Stanhope launched ACTIONs latest acquisition, Bus 390 – a MAN 18.320 at the Legislative Assembly. It entered service hours later.

On the 21st, Bus 969 received its third all-over advert for the Canberra Centre. The bus generally receives a new Canberra Centre wrap for the fashion campaign for that season.

Also in September, Transborder revealed its new livery, first seen on 218.

New Vehicle Arrivals: Bus 391 arrives at Belconnen on the 16th, 392 on the 23rd and 393 on the 24th,


108 received a brand new wrap on the 26th, for TransACT/ActewAGL’s latest service bundling campaign. Much like 969 with the Canberra Centre, 108 has for the past few years become the bus for which the ActewAGL/TransACT wraps are placed upon.

New Vehicle Arrivals: Bus 394 arrives at Belconnen on the 4th, 395 on the 6th, 396 on the 12th, 397 on the 15th, 399 on the 16th (Yes, before 398) 398 on the 21st, 400 on the 29th,


On the back of a driver’s suggestion, ACTION management pay for twenty vinyl moustaches to be applied to buses in support of Movember.

REDEX – Rapid Express Direct – begins an eight month trial run on Route 727 between Gungahlin and Kingston.

New Vehicle Arrivals: Bus 401 arrived at Belconnen on 2 November, 402 on the 15th and 403 on the 18th

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