Media Release: 28 February 2011

Over 2700 seniors have already taken advantage of the new MyWay smartcard system for ACTION buses since it became available to them last week, Paul Peters, Director of Transport Planning within the Department of Territory and Municipal Services, said today.

The Council on the Ageing (COTA) is writing to the ACT’s 47,000 seniors inviting them to apply for a combined ACT Seniors/My Way card which will include $10 worth of pre-loaded bus travel.

“We have been really pleased with the response from ACT seniors to this new technology. Anecdotal reports from COTA and our Shopfront and Library staff are that seniors are looking forward to the combined cards,” Mr Peters said.

“They are also pleased to have $10 worth of pre-loaded travel on the cards – an offer which is available until the end of this year’s Seniors Week on 25 March.”

Mr Peters said the majority of seniors would enjoy cheaper travel with the new MyWay fare system.

“The off-peak daily concession fare of $1.70 has now been removed and replaced with an off-peak concession fare, which will include a free 90-minute transfer, at a set fare of $0.55. This means that seniors who take, for example, a journey to the shops in the morning using two connecting buses, then a journey home using two connecting buses will pay no more than $1.10.”

For regular bus travellers, a daily fare cap will ensure seniors pay no more than $3.80 daily. A monthly cap of 36 paid trips will also mean that any trips taken over the capped amount during the calendar month will be free.

“Patrons will need to ensure they tag on and tag off before and after their bus trip to register their trips correctly on the MyWay system. MyWay will also offer a financial benefit with a 5% discount for cards recharged via direct debit or BPAY. In addition, the cards will provide valuable data about where passengers get on and off buses for future network planning.”

Seniors who are interested in arranging a combined card should take their completed application form, which will be enclosed with their letter, to any Canberra Connect Shopfront, ACT Public Library or the Council on the Ageing office in Hughes. The letters will be progressively mailed out to seniors until Monday 7 March 2011.

MyWay cards are expected to be made available to the general community on Monday, 7 March 2011. Cash fares will continue to apply throughout the transition period until Monday, 11 April. School students will begin using MyWay cards from the start of the second school term.

For more information on MyWay, visit or call 13 17 10.

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