The ACT Government held its latest Virtual Community Cabinet Meeting tonight on Twitter, with Chief Minister Katy Gallagher, together with Ministers Barr, Burch, Corbell and Rattenbury answering all kinds of questions fired at them on Twitter.

Whilst not all questions were answered during the one hour session this evening, any that were missed are generally responded to in the days that follow, with a full list of questions and answers published on the Time To Talk website.

For your convenience, we’ve collated the following questions and answers from tonight’s cabinet. Answers are in bold and all answers were from @ShaneRattenbury, unless otherwise specified.

As tweets are character limited, we have expanded some of the questions and answers to be grammatically correct.

  • Woden and Tuggeranong provide a personal timetable service. City and Belconnen will need to once MyWay centres close. Displays not sufficient. Local timetables will be available at recharge agents. RTPS [sic] coming at the end of the year.
  • Should we expect an announcement regarding MyWay add value machines in the forthcoming budget? More recharge agents have been announced last week.
  • Any plans to ban smoking in bus stations? Regularly see people smoking under ‘no smoking’ signs in Woden. Soon to release next steps on tobacco control will outline detail. (Response from @KatyGMLA)
  • There hasn’t been an articulated bus withdrawn from service since Feb. Will some Renaults remain once all 33 Scanias have entered service? One for one replacement is the intention.
  • Do we know who will supply the 77 new buses? It will go to tender
  • Did the last tender for the 77 new buses that closed in March fall through? No, still in progress.
  • Does the ACT Government have plans to improve public transport further considering paid parking in the Parliamentary Triangle? Disappointed revenue won’t stay in ACT. We are just starting review of ACTION network, will definitely take this in to account.
  • Any chance of the Adelaide Av/Yarra Glen bus lane reverting to buses only? Or else T3? Lane getting congested- defeats its purpose. Hasn’t been raised before but can certainly look at a survey usage of the lane.
  • Can we please have more DIRECT bus routes especially during peak times. Covering more areas does not make a service better! Thanks, working on new network now. Would love your comments when it goes out for consultation.
  • ACTION buses wouldn’t provide any information when services will start. (In Molonglo).  Plenty of houses but no way of getting anywhere. We are looking at Molonglo suburbs as part of new network. Recognise the need.
  • Any plans to expand the Xpresso Network? Sorely needed for Gungahlin suburbs, and a direct, no stops Tuggeranong-City peak express! New network being developed now, will be out for public consultation soon. New Xpresso services definitely part of the thinking.
  • Election promise: an additional 20 buses (in addition to 77 replacements on order). Still happening? Probably not this financial year. Awaiting for review outcomes.
  • Is there going to be something beneficial from budget for buses? The hourly services to Gungahlin suburbs during day MUST end. Key changes to buses are coming as part of new network, scheduled to start in early 2014.
  • When will the next ACTION network be released for public comment? Please don’t say “soon” – can you give a definite date? Afraid the answer is ‘soon’ – don’t have definitive date yet, but work is progressing.
  • Government support of sporting events with free buses is a good idea – but needs better planning. Recent AusvNZ RL Test. Bus charter is undertaken by the venue hirer – will raise your concerns with the NRL.
  • Is the Woden Interchange still going ahead? Any idea on a timeline? Yes – in discussions with Westfield. Timeframe is still to be finalised.

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