According to yesterday’s ACT Budget, Katy Gallagher is failing to control spending at ACTION, with the taxpayer-funded subsidy blowing out to $101 million in 2011-12.

ACT Shadow Transport Services Minister Alistair Coe said this means every household is now forking out $691 for ACTION every year, whether they catch the bus or not.

“ACT Labor is incapable of spending money wisely, with the ACTION subsidy being just one example,” Mr Coe said today.

“Every household is slugged $691 every year for this ineffectively managed bus service, whether they use it or not.

“ACT Labor’s charging Canberrans more at a time when they’re receiving less, with ticket sales dropping to just $21 million.

“For Canberrans already struggling with cost of living pressures caused by Labor, ACTION’s subsidy blowout is salt in the wound.

“Canberrans should not be paying through the roof for a service which very few actually use because ACT Labor can’t manage the Budget,” Mr Coe concluded.

This page was last updated on 6 June 2012